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WOWOW Pot Filler Faucet Above Stove Chrome


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kitchen stove pot filler faucet features is 304 stainless stell faucet body, high quality aerator, one-handle switch is easy to operate,full weight refused to cut corners, complete accessories

2311200C installation instructions

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WOWOW Pot Filler Faucet Above Stove Chrome

WOWOW Pot Filler Faucet Above Stove Chrome
WOWOW Pot Filler Faucet Above Stove Chrome WOWOW Pot Filler Faucet Above Stove Chrome WOWOW Pot Filler Faucet Above Stove Chrome

Chrome pot filling tap 2311200C

When you are designing your brand new kitchen, it is great that you could design it entirely from scratch. You could think about all the functionalities that you wish and need to make your kitchen experience the best one. The kitchen is for most families the place where you spend most of your time when you are at home. So you better design the dream kitchen that fulfills all your needs and wishes, of you and your family. As you design a kitchen from scratch, the great thing is that you could really do anything. There are hardly any limits. Well, budget wise maybe. Most times you just design your dream kitchen, and depending on the price and your actual budget, you start to adjust items to make

it fit for your budget. The question is how to make it fit for your budget. You don’t want to downgrade on items that are most important to you. Regarding materials and finishes of your kitchen, there can be massive differences in terms of price. When you look at the differences between the alternatives itself, they sometimes are hardly noticed. In this way you could save on costs smartly. On the other hand you should not compromise on quality of your vital kitchen equipment. Then cheap could appear to be expensive in the end. That should and could be avoided at all times. You just have to find a supplier that can deliver you the best value for money. WOWOW is that supplier!

Functional chrome pot filling tap 

A pot filling tap definitely is a functionality in your kitchen that could make your kitchen life a lot easier. As not many people have this kind of kitchen equipment, the use is not widespread yet. However, it offers great benefit in your kitchen and avoids you to carry heavy items like water filled pots. With the chrome pot filling tap of WOWOW you can fill your pots with water while they already are on the stove. In this way you don’t have to carry these pots from the kitchen sink to the stove to boil water. Especially when you have weak hands or arms, or simply lack strength, this chrome pot filling tap could make your life so much easier.

With the chrome pot filling tap you can fill water pots while they are on the kitchen stove. No matter if the fire is already on, or if there are other pans of pots boiling and cooking. As the chrome pot filling tap was made of highquality metals, it could easily resist heat. Therefore this chrome pot filling tap is very functional and a wonderful addition to your kitchen.

Value for money chrome pot filling tap 

As mentioned above, WOWOW offers you the best value for money you can get in the market. This amazing chrome pot filling tap definitely can compete with any A-brand as it offers similar or even better quality, and yet it is offered at an affordable price. Prices of A-brand chrome pot filling taps could be threefold or even more expensive. WOWOW shows over and over again that these kind of prices are not necessary at all. Therefore WOWOW offers you the best value for money with this chrome pot filling tap. No doubt at all!

The quality of WOWOW’s chrome pot filling tap is unchallenged. Not in the last place because WOWOW uses highquality materials like stainless steel and a high-quality chrome finish. You notice the quality immediately. With a weight of no less than 60 oz you feel that it is made of solid metals. This chrome pot filling tap resists for many years, and you could also benefit from a hassle-free continuous performance of this chrome pot filling tap. The chrome pot filling tap is also equipped with a Neoperl aerator. This provides continuous pressure, and a constant water flow. The aerator guarantees less splashing, and a drip-free and leak-proof water experience.

Reach chrome pot filling tap 

This chrome pot filling tap was wisely designed to not take any necessary space in your kitchen décor. By folding this stretchable chrome pot filling tap, you could store it easily against the wall behind the stove. The chrome pot filling tap has a dual-sided swing arm. In this way it can be stored minimalistically, and yet it has a long reach when it is stretched completely. With its maximum stretch of 24 inches from the wall, you could actually reach every corner of your kitchen stove.

With the two handles you could operate the chrome pot filling tap easily without leaking at all. This also offers extra security, as some people fear these kind of taps. As there is no sink, spilled water could just leak onto the stove. You can close this chrome pot filing tap with the master valve, near the wall. And you can close it as well with the valve at the spout. It guarantees a steady stream that most definitely serves its purpose. This double protection offers maximum security. When you want to use the chrome pot filling tap, you just open the master valve, and you operate this chrome pot filling tape like any other kitchen tap.

Stylish chrome pot filling tap 

Because of the stylish chrome finishing, this chrome pot filing tap offers a great addition to the style of your kitchen. This features a high-reflective and glistening coating to your pot filling tap. In combination with the 304 stainless steel body, this chrome pot filling tap gives a dramatic impact to your kitchen style. Besides, this chrome pot filling tap is non-corrosion and stays elegant and beautiful for years. Not for nothing WOWOW offers you a 5-year warranty period on this chrome pot filling tap. This proves that WOWOW is confident about its product, and the value for money you are getting with it. The advantages of the chrome pot filling tap in a nutshell:

• Practical pot filling tap

• Modern design with high quality chrome finish

• Stainless steel

• Double valves

• Maximum reach with dual swing arms

• Easy to clean and easy to maintain

• 5-year warranty






1.71 kg = 3.7699 lb = 60.3185 oz

Package Dimensions

15.5 x 9.7 x 2.1 inches








Folding/ 2 Handle/ Swing Arm

Handle/Lever Placement

Left or Right

Handle Material


Folded Knife Size

23.8 inch

Performance Description

Cold water


Commercial / Restaurant / Residential / Indoor/ Kitchen

Included Components

Pot filler faucet / NPT connector ; Neoperl ABS aerator ; Mounting Accessories (German Fischer nylon anchor bolt)

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