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How Long do Faucets Last – Not Exceed Five Year

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how long do faucets last

How long does a faucet last? Faucets are closely related to the health of the family and even to the economy. In the following cases, it is best to replace the faucet.

  1. The shelf life is up: it is best to use the faucet for more than 5 years.
  2. For drinking water faucets, no matter how good the quality is, there will be varying degrees of rusting over time, which will increase lead content, and it is recommended that drinking water faucets be renewed for about 5 years. The faucet can be used for a long time without much pressure.
  3. The water flow is getting less and less: less water does not mean saving energy, otherwise it may break down!
  4. Many users may suddenly find that their faucet seems to be smaller than the previous sewage, and they don’t bother to change it without affecting the use of the situation. It feels like it’s more water efficient. In fact, this is not the case! Getting smaller and smaller, may be the valve has a problem, or the slag blocked the inside, timely replacement of new faucets is a wise choice!
  5. The more fingerprints printed more and more: proof that you buy a low-quality faucet!

Many people buy a faucet that looks light and no water. They think it’s a good product to buy. After use at home, it is easy to print fingerprints on the surface of the faucet. After some time, there are more and more fingerprints on the faucet. In this case, it proves that the faucet you bought is a defective product. Even if you use your fingers to press the surface of the tap, the fingerprints will quickly dissipate due to the quality of the coating.

Beware of faucet purchase misunderstandings

Don’t buy faucets by looking at the basin

In addition to looking at the size of the hole, many people overlook the shape and structure of the basin. Especially for those who install basins above the countertop, the height of the basin on the countertop is variable. Common basin faucets are not The single hole in the basin is also a detail that should not be overlooked. A single manufactured hole has been bought. Double daddies with dual control taps are clearly unreasonable.

Faucets are heavy and represent good materials

Many users think faucets “buy heavy not light”, the heavier the material, the higher the purity, the faucet can not buy too light, lightweight faucet often internal copper hollow, easy to withstand the pressure of water and burst, but buy faucet is not the heavier the better, because the use of recycled copper as raw materials and adding stainless steel parts will increase the weight of the faucet. Raw materials, impurities contained in the product will also increase, directly resulting in the product’s heavy metal content. Seriously exceeds the standard, causing secondary pollution of water, but unhealthy for humans.

Induction faucets are more water-efficient than other faucets

Induction faucets are becoming more and more popular in the market with their kidney-saving and water-saving advantages. More and more families are accepting and prefer to use induction faucets, but the fact is that faucets not only produce relatively low amounts of water. The price is relatively high compared to the maintenance cost. For ordinary families, the practical value is not much, and the maintenance is time-consuming and laborious.

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