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Main Sizes And Types of Bathroom and Kitchen Faucets

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Main Sizes And Types of Bathroom and Kitchen Faucets

7 22 bathroom water tap

DN8 is a 2-cent connector, DN15 is a 4-cent connector, DN20 is a 6-cent connector, DN25 is a 1-inch connector, DN32 is a 1.2-inch connector, DN40 is a 1.5-inch connector, DN50 is a 2-inch connector, most of the faucets at home are DN15 4-cent connectors.

Ceramic faucets, compared to other materials, have the advantages of no rust, no oxidation, not easy to wear, generous appearance, set off the whole space of high-end atmosphere.

Copper is rough inside, you can observe inside the faucet, you can deep grind in inconspicuous places, can’t see the color of brass is no problem, at present, copper is the most suitable material for faucet.

Zinc alloy faucet is harmful to the human body, the shell and the water after the impact is easy to be corroded and broken, after grinding the surface white. At present, the general use of sand turning process, machine die-casting, smooth and flat inside.
Iron faucets are easy to rust, and difficult to replace and disassemble, just like the magnet suction. Usually are some small faucets, the surface is more difficult to deal with, the appearance is rough; large hot and cold faucets with less iron, more difficult to process.

Stainless steel faucet does not contain lead, acid and alkali resistance, not easy to corrode, hardness, toughness than copper faucet more than 2 times higher, but hardness, toughness, cutting and processing difficulties than copper faucet, and high cost.

The above-mentioned faucet materials, cast iron faucet has been gradually eliminated, all-plastic faucet more for special areas; Now, the most commonly used household faucet materials are copper, alloy, ceramic, stainless steel, etc.. These commonly used faucet materials, alloy faucet is harmful to human health; ceramic and stainless steel faucet although it has its own advantages, but the price is high, the processing technology requirements, and the number of product types is small, has not been fully popular; copper faucet with excellent cost performance, occupy the dominant position of the faucet material market, is the domestic faucet in a unique branch.

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