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Faucet purchase mistakes

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1. Induction faucets are the most water-efficient
Induction faucets not only produce a small amount of water, but also sell for a high price and are expensive to maintain. Family use induction faucet, practicality is not high.
2. The smaller the flow, the less water is used
Faucet flow has water conservation standards, and too much or too little flow is not conducive to water conservation. Sometimes the faucet flow rate is too low, which may be due to a faulty faucet valve or a clogged scum, which should be cleaned or replaced immediately.
3. The bubbling faucet saves water in any situation
The purpose of the starting block is to increase the number of bubbles in the water and reduce the amount of water; however, the starting device weakens the impact of the water flow and requires a large amount of water, which is not conducive to water conservation.
4. The faucet has the function of hot and cold temperature adjustment
With hot and cold temperature adjustment function of the faucet must be equipped with two inlet and outlet pipe and ceramic valve core.
5. The basin is not considered when choosing a faucet
Many consumers do not notice that the basin is very high and they need to install a faucet on the basin after installing the basin above. The actual condition of the basin must be considered when buying.
6. Faucet and water pipe connections without corner valves
All hot and cold faucets must be connected to the water pipe using an angle valve. Each hot and cold tap requires two corner valves to fit.

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