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Faucet cannot be used for more than five years

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1, Shelf life: the best faucet to replace more than five years of faucet

Regarding drinking water faucets, no matter how good the quality, they will rust to varying degrees over time, which will increase the amount of lead that is precipitated. Therefore, it is recommended to replace the drinking water faucet about once every 5 years. It does not matter whether the drinking water tap can be used for a long time or not.

2, Water flow becomes smaller: less water may not save energy, and may be bad!

Many users may suddenly find that the water flow from the faucet at home seems to be smaller than before, and they don’t bother to change it without affecting the use of the faucet. It feels like it’s more water efficient, but it’s not! If the flow rate is lower, there could be a problem with the valve, or the water scum could be clogging up the interior. It’s only wise to replace the faucet with a new one promptly!

3, The more fingerprints are printed, the more spent. Proof that you bought a poor quality faucet!

When buying a faucet, many people feel safe to use it when they see no marks on the light. They think it’s a good product to buy. After installing and using it at home, they find it easy to get fingerprints on the surface of the faucet. In this case, it proves that the faucet you bought is a defective product. Even if you press your finger on the surface of the faucet, the fingerprints will disappear quickly due to the quality of the coating.

Beware of faucet buying mistakes

Buy a faucet without looking at the basin structure

When buying a faucet, in addition to looking at the size of the socket, many people overlook the shape and structure of the basin. Especially for users who install a basin on the counter, the height of the background basin has changed, and the ordinary basin faucet is no longer applicable. In addition, the number of mounting holes of the basin is also a detail that should not be ignored, but the purchase is one mounting hole. This is obviously unreasonable for a double-headed, dual-control faucet.

Weight of the faucet means good material

Many users believe that the faucet “buy heavy not light”, the heavier the material, the higher the purity. In fact, the faucet can not be too light. A light faucet tends to hollow out the copper inside. It’s easy to burst under water pressure, but the heavier the faucet, the better the purchase. This is because the use of recycled copper as a raw material, along with stainless steel components, can add to the weight of the faucet. Due to the difference in raw material selection, impurities in the product will also increase, leading directly to the product’s heavy metal content. Severe exceedance of the standard, cause secondary pollution of the water, and is not healthy for the human body.

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