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Pay attention to the maintenance of faucet in winter!

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Frozen cracking of faucets in the use environment below 0 ℃ is generally caused by the following conditions:

  1. After the water test in the early stage of the project, the remaining water in the faucet has not been exhausted.
    2, the faucet is installed outdoors, the inlet valve is not closed, frost protection and did not do.
    3. Ventilate the room after decoration, and do not close the windows at night and do not close the water inlet valve to drain the faucet.
    4. Going on vacation or not living for a long time, the indoor temperature is low, the water inlet valve is not closed, and the water of the tap is exhausted.

    How to prevent the faucet from cracking?
    In order to prevent the faucet from cracking at low temperatures, the following measures can be taken:
    During normal use
    1, try to ensure that the indoor temperature above 0 ℃.
    2. Outdoor faucets can be thickened and cladded with cotton and linen fabrics, old cotton clothes, cotton wool and other insulation materials.
    3. For rooms with an indoor temperature below 0 ° C, close the indoor water meter valve and drain any excess water in the water pipe.
    4. Remember to close the windows of the kitchen, toilets and all shady rooms at night to ensure that the indoor temperature is above 0 ° C.

    During renovation or construction

    1. If the installation temperature of the faucet on the project site is lower than 0 ℃, it is recommended not to install the faucet temporarily or to completely drain the water in the pipeline after the temporary water or water test.
    2. If you are currently in the process of renovation, as a one-way valve is installed in the hot and cold water installation, you must ask the construction staff to assist in removing the faucet from the wall. If a thermostatic faucet is installed in the home, in addition to draining the remaining water in the water pipe, the thermostat must be drained separately to prevent the cold water from expanding and freezing.

    The temperature in winter is low. In order to avoid the inconvenience caused by the faucet freezing and the life of your family, you should pay more attention to the quality and performance of the products when purchasing sanitary products. Having a healthy, high-quality, and faucet is good for you. s Choice.

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