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The Biggest Source Of Pollution In Renovation Is Not The Board, Latex Paint, But This?

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We all know that you can’t move into a house right after it’s been renovated because there will be some pollution, and where does this pollution come from? Is it the decoration materials, or the construction of it?

Today, the editor will tell you what pollution sources are in the decoration and how we can effectively avoid them?

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Introduction To The Four Main Sources Of Pollution In Renovations.

01 Wooden Boards

Wood is a natural material, itself non-toxic, but its processing will use urea-formaldehyde glue bonding, and the formation of formaldehyde pollution sources, especially brown fiber board, density board, particle board glue content is high, so it will contain a lot of formaldehyde.

Most of the main materials for the custom wardrobes, cabinets and other kinds of cabinets on the market today are particle board, which is made by crushing wood into granular form and then mixing glue, high pressure and other processes.

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Because the particle board in the production process will use a lot of glue, so the environmental protection is not so good, although the big brands choose to use the plate mostly no problem, but we still have to recognize the time to choose the E1 environmental standards (E1 formaldehyde content 1.5 mg / l), and let the business to show test reports to buy with confidence.

If the pursuit of environmental protection, you can choose ecological board, ecological board is pressed by high temperature and high pressure, will not use glue bonding, without paint, can significantly reduce or eliminate formaldehyde pollution.


02 Glue

The main component of glue used in home renovation is formaldehyde, and the glue used in places such as the wall latex paint base putty glue, white latex used in paste woodworking board, wallpaper glue used in sticky wallpaper.

The glue used in a 100 square meter room is more than 100kg, and the national standard glue content is 1g/kg, so after the renovation of the room basically has 100g formaldehyde, according to the standard conversion of the first three years may exceed the standard more than 3 times, almost over the entire room so that the new room has become a gas chamber.

Glue pollution is the largest proportion of pollution sources in the decoration.

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It is recommended to use non-toxic vegetable glue or zero-formaldehyde glue, or try to avoid using chemical glue on a large area, which can eliminate more than 60% of the pollution sources in the decoration.


03 Wood Paint

Because it contains a large amount of pungent benzene, so people have the strongest perception of paint, paint is only partially used in home renovation, plus paint volatilization is quite fast, three days can volatilize more than 70% of harmful substances. Therefore, it is not the biggest source of pollution.

It is recommended to use water-based paints instead to avoid it.

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04 Emulsion Paint

Because the use of latex paint area is very wide, customers usually think that latex paint pollution is heavy, now on the market as long as the state approved the production of latex paint are water-based latex paint, the main difference is the physical quality of other properties, latex paint can be painted within 1 day after the volatilization of which more than 90% of the harmful substances, so you can usually ignore its environmental performance indicators.

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Many people after renovation will through ventilation, put activated carbon, green plants and other ways to purify the decoration of pollution, but in fact, in addition to the most direct and effective window ventilation, the other effects are minimal, and time-consuming.

Therefore, to really control the decoration of pollution, we have to check from the decoration of raw materials, should not save money can not save, do not be greedy for a moment cheap at the expense of family health.

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