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If divided according to his material, can be divided into: plastic, brass, cast iron, stainless steel, magnesium alloy and polymer faucet.

By function: the faucet can be divided into basin, bathtub, shower, kitchen sink faucet and electric faucet.

According to the structure: the faucet can be divided into a single handle, double handle, three faucets and so on. In addition, there is a single handle and double handle type. Single type can be connected to cold water pipe or hot water pipe; double type can be connected to two hot and cold pipe, more for the bathroom pool and kitchen faucet hot water supply; three type in addition to two cold and hot water pipe, can also be connected to the shower head, mainly used for bathtub faucet. Single handle type faucet only a handle can adjust the temperature of hot and cold water, double handle type need to adjust the cold water pipe and hot water pipe to adjust the water temperature.

Faucet accessories selection is also very different, can be roughly divided into: valve core, handle, bubbler, rubber parts, mounting parts, etc. So how to choose a satisfactory accessories is very different. So how to choose a satisfactory accessories is that the service life can be longer. The following will give you some buying tips.

  1. Look at the material, different accessories, different materials, durability will not be the same, from the economic point of view, we should choose the good material accessories.
  2. Look at the coating. The coating is well treated. The faucet not only looks
  3. Pay attention to the size. This is a point that we tend to overlook. When buying, you must know the approximate size of each part of your faucet first, otherwise you can’t use it after buying it home. Slight discrepancies will result in leaks and seepage.
  4. In the choice of the handle, try to choose a large range of rotation, gentle action, so that it is more convenient to use.
  5. The best material for the main body of the faucet is bronze or brass. This material is not easy to oxidize corrosion, durable.
  6. The quality of the rubber parts must be good, so as to ensure the tightness of the faucet, leakage is a common and difficult problem to solve. This must be noted.
  7. The above is about the faucet accessories buying tips and faucet classification. The production cost and function of different fittings are different, so there is a big difference in the price.
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