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Electric faucet FAQ

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How about an instant hot electric faucet?

The instant hot electric faucet is a small kitchen appliance that can also be used in the bathroom. Instant hot electric faucets are small, take up little space, and are more economical and cheaper than buying a faucet and a heating unit. The instant electric faucet uses a new insulating heat-conducting material, magnesium powder. It’s safer to use and is non-polluting to the air. Hot water flows out when the switch is turned on, so there is no wastage of cold water and no need to heat up beforehand. Tap water.

Instant hot faucet can do at any time, you can get hot water at any time, unlike gas water heater, or storage water heater, it takes a period of time to heat up, or a tube of cold water waste, we can only rely on our hands. But hot faucets are powerful, direct electric heating, and have few safety protections. Unlike an electric water heater, there are multiple anti-electricity wall protection measures. Once this kind of faucet leaks, the damage to the human body will be fatal. Therefore, if consumers want to use instant electric faucets, they must buy some quality electric faucets.

Electric heating faucet common problems

1. Is the use of instantaneous electric faucets guaranteed?

Instantaneous electric faucet in the design and production process to put safety first, scientific and humane safety of the six major insurance to ensure that it is safe in use.

1) Water and electricity double isolation, withstand voltage 1500V or more – not afraid of “what if” happens.

2) Electrical suspension structure – from the structure of the “leakage does not hurt”.

3) High sensitivity leakage protector – protect your safety with technology.

4) Socket grounding – traditional and reliable protection.

5) Anti-Dry Burn Design – Water pressure starts the circuit, supplying water and cutting off power, effectively preventing dry burning.

6) Anti-ultra-high water pressure design – can be used in a variety of places without worry.

2. Can be installed directly on the water pipe?

Most water pipes are 4-part water, this product is directly connected to a 4-part tap (16-17mm diameter).

3. What are the characteristics of fast electric taps?

More convenient: ready-to-use hot water, no waiting time to drain the cold water from the water pipe, saving water; no need to drain the cold water before use, no waste of water.
More energy saving: there is no excess hot water in the water pipe after use, which is more energy saving.

4. Is it possible to burn the electric faucet without water?

After the heat faucet is installed, the heating switch will not turn on if there is no water, and a utility switch is used to prevent dry burning.

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