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Don’t let the small problem of the tap become a big problem

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The main example is the sink faucet. Other faucets are occasionally mentioned as well.


  1. Ease Of Use

I think ease of use comes first, and other styles are less aesthetically pleasing. In terms of ease of use, I think we can rule out one first: the two handles.

That’s two handles, which control the cold and hot water switches respectively. I sell them myself. When it was first renovated, I used it in my house. It felt like a pain in the ass to use.

When I installed this in my house, I felt that the two handles look good, but when I use hot water, the right side is on and the left side is on. If the temperature isn’t right, I have to adjust the left side, adjust the right side, and then turn left to close. And then close, you say it’s more troublesome than single handle. In addition, there are three holes on the table when installing.


  1. Easy To Install And Maintain

When it comes to the ease of installation and maintenance, you may not think it’s your own, not for a professional teacher anyway. In terms of various costs, the more popular you are, the lower the cost. If you choose one that is too personal, it will definitely increase the cost. Here is a wall-mounted concealed faucet.

This type of faucet requires some parts to be embedded inside the wall, so if you’re going to choose this style, be sure to talk to your plumber when you do the plumbing.

The advantages of the in-wall faucet are obvious, the countertop is cleaner and looks taller.


  1. More Features

In addition to washing your hands and face with a regular faucet, washing your hair in a basin is also a common need. Here’s another type of faucet to recommend: the pull-out telescopic faucet. A pull-out faucet is actually it is usually used in the same way as a regular faucet. It is very handy for washing heads or cleaning basins and countertops.

Choosing a Faucet In addition to the above style issues, I find it difficult for the average consumer to distinguish between specialized issues such as material, quality of plating, valve core, and workmanship. Such as material, in addition to normal brass production, low-end products and zinc copper; stainless steel in addition to 304, there are 201 plus plating, these are not ordinary consumers, practitioners can specifically with the naked eye to distinguish. Plating after 24-48 hours of salt spray test, plus wash lead process, the naked eye is not visible.

We don’t want to delay these little issues on the faucet. Many of us like to procrastinate and often a small problem causes us big problems. Why is this? Obviously, it’s something very simple and straightforward. We just can’t make the distinction. It causes small problems to become big problems.



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