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Do You Need An Aerator On A Faucet?

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Many people are very curious, why does the water left in the faucet bubble? That’s because the aerator on a faucet, which can make the water flow down gently, reduce the impact of the water flow, and the water will not splash around in the basin, and it feels particularly comfortable when using it. Presumably many people are still very comfortable with the word “Aerator”. Strange, let me introduce to you

aerator on a faucet

Many families have installed a square faucet before. There is no aerator, which is particularly troublesome when using it. It splashes when it is opened and small. Finally, the home decoration chose to install a faucet with aerator, which is really much easier


What is an aerator on a faucet

The aerator is to make the flowing water and air fully combine, and it feels like small blisters in use. If the flowing water is added to the air, it will be softer and instantly improve the scouring power. In this way, the water can save a lot, not only I saved a sum of money on water costs and saved a lot of water resources for the entire city.



What is the effect of aerator on a faucet?

1. Water saving: If the aerator is installed, the water left out is slower and will not splash, and it can save half of the water left out by an ordinary faucet.

2. Prevent splashing and noise: After the water flowing out and the air are combined, the water will become softer, and the impact force will be reduced at the same time. The noise is not particularly loud. Ordinary faucets not only splash, but also make noise .


3. Filtration: People nowadays pay special attention to health. If installed, it can effectively remove debris and sediment in the water.
How to clean it
If you use it all year round without cleaning, the effect will not be so good, or it will be clogged, you need to remove it for cleaning, pour some vinegar from the container, soak for a few minutes and wash with a small brush, because vinegar is disinfecting Yes, after washing it, install it.


Moreover, the faucet is equipped with an aerator to achieve filtering and other functions, so there is no need for a water purifier, and the drinking water must be filtered, otherwise it is bad for the body.

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