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Splendid Taiyuan, the homeland of Jingyang, the new capital of Bingzhou.

To the north is Youyan, to the south is Qinshu. The international mountains and pillowed water, the famous capital of China.

Taiyuan, an ancient city steeped in more than 2,500 years of history, is the land of the Qin and Jin dynasties, and the Yellow River preserves the depth and affection of China’s traditional human history.

The marketing center of the project is located in the Wanbailin district of Taiyuan, an ancient city with thousands of years of culture. It is an ancient city with thousands of years of culture, which has precipitated too many humanistic memories for the local people. Rather than building an ancient space full of historical symbols, people hope that it can dance harmoniously with the city life through historical memories.

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The design of the exhibition center is inspired by the unique heritage of ancient architecture in Shanxi province, and follows the local Confucian culture and official architectural style, striving for a modern interpretation of the classical spatial system. Water is used as the carrier to show the majestic power of the northwest culture, while nourishing all things, soft and gentle. The project transforms the grand oriental symbols into a contemporary design language and incorporates them into the interior design space.

Dreams of Jin Yang

The fusion of traditional culture and contemporary visuals across borders

“Culture” is an abstract concept, and when traditional culture and modern life are associated, it should not just be based on a story or a bunch of symbols. It should be based on the present and respect the people and things around us.

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Push the door to enter, is a marble hand-crafted and countless crystal original stone installations together constitute the art hall. The waterfall-style crystal chandelier is set off by a golden backdrop of decorative shelves, and the mood of the oriental landscape is presented before you. Its strong visual impact instantly captures the visitor’s attention.

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Among the eight niches is a gold lava lamp by designer Tom Dixon. When switched on, the lamps emit a captivating, slightly hallucinogenic light against a backdrop of copper, like a beautiful, twisted dream space.

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The sandbox area is the heaviest display area of the entire sales department, continuing the spirit of the building and combining the culture of the old Northwest compound. The light fixtures above the sandbox are made of crystal grains, highlighting the spirit of modern craftsmanship. The shape is a deconstruction and reconstruction of traditional architecture. The visual appearance is stripped away to reveal modern, oriental, artistic and natural elements, giving guests an unparalleled sensory experience.

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The negotiation area is an area for guests to sit down and show their corporate etiquette and culture and for customers to negotiate in peace. A six-meter high bookshelf and a waterfall are designed in this area, adding a touch of bookishness to the modern space through the contemporary and restrained oriental aesthetic language. Visitors are invited to choose a quiet spot to spend some time reading and awakening a sense of inner peace when they return home.

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Drawing on the stylistic language of Shanxi traditional relief sculpture and the visual feeling of the traditional technique “wind and fire meteor”, the elegant and solemn tone of the interior of the exhibition center expresses the multi-dimensional spatial line language flowing in the interior of the exhibition center, where the classical and modern paintings can be seen at a glance.

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The designer uses the design thinking of modern architectural space to extract the humanistic intention and charm, and carries out a new deconstruction and reorganization from architecture, landscape to interior.

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The indoor children’s activity area is lively but still stylish, and the colors embellish the plain and elegant space in a controlled manner.

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The first flying saucer experience base in Taiyuan was created by By Nord Yichen Yunzhu, which will explore the future living space of the universe of flying saucers. The collision of two different civilizations and the interactive mode of starry skies around the ancient city make the demonstration area mysterious and dreamy.

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The main language of the demonstration area weakens the spatial form of the traditional sales center and respects the traditional regional culture. A modern design approach is adopted to explore the heritage of traditional culture in the contemporary era, and strive to create a space full of classical aesthetic connotation.

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Project Information
Project Name: Taiyuan China Railway Nord Yichen Yunzhu model room
Project Development: China Railway Real Estate Taiyuan Branch
Project Address: Taiyuan,Shanxi, China
Project Area:759 square meters
Party A’s team:Jixiaofeng  Xuhaipeng  Dujinqiang Donghan
Architectural design: Tengyuan design
Interior decoration Design:  D&P Design,shanghai
Interior Decoration Team: GaoYungege, HanShuang, XiaYin

D&P Dingpeng Design is specialized in the design and research of interior architectural spaces, and aims to provide clients with comprehensive design solutions with interior design as the core. D&P is mainly engaged in the design, soft furnishing and construction of clubhouses, sales centers, model houses, well-decorated model houses and high-end villas in high-end developments.

D&P has outstanding partners, and has achieved interactive long-term cooperation with the best resources in the industry, bringing together a group of elite design forces with rich design experience and international vision. D&P’s design projects have won numerous awards at design awards around the world.

D&P adheres to the service tenet of “Quality First, Reputation First”, and actively cooperates with investors in project operation. D&P is the brand of choice for first-tier real estate developers, commercial clubs and high-end private residences in China, with communication, understanding and harmony in every detail of the work.

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