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WOWOW 8 Inch Widespread 2-Handle Bathroom Faucet In Chrome

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  • Never outdated shaping: Silver bathroom faucet in mirror-like chrome finish, vanity style that is quite exquisit, make your bathroom more high-end
  • CREATIVE QUICK INSTALL: unique fast connect construction, the hot and cold water can be mixed by quick-install pipe without wrench, through technique to prevent pipe burst
  • 2 HANDLES 3 PIECES WIDESPREAD BASIN FAUCETS: double handle, 3 pieces design is convenient for precise controlling in both volume and water temperature, also the installation place can be adjusted
  • ADJUSTABLE WIDESPREAD DESIGN: 4 -16” widespread bathroom faucets 3-hole mount, the installing distance can be adjusted on requirements, fits rent house, new condo, single-apartment, motor home, travel trailer, and family use
  • WARRANTY, CUSTOMER SUPPORT: 3-year warranty and customer support are offered. It covered by 90-day return. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Bathroom faucet chrome 2 handles 2320300C
A widespread bathroom faucet definitely gives a touch of elegance to any bathroom. Another great advantage of a widespread bathroom faucet 2 handles is that you are able to mix the water flow according to your exact desires. A 2- handle bathroom faucet allows you to control the hot and cold water individually, including its flow rate. Consequently, you will never make a mistake again and waste hot water while you actually do not need it. Or worse, to burn your hands with hot water. Therefore our bathroom faucet chrome 2 handles is an elegant and safe solution for your bathroom.
The high arc bathroom faucet with the special 7-design, definitely gives a special touch to any bathroom. Designers of WOWOW are widely known to always search for bold designs to make a difference with its bathroom faucets. Consequently, bathroom faucets of WOWOW always are slightly different from other bathroom faucets you will find. That helps you to give your bathroom a special and unique décor. This unique aspect you will also find in the bathroom faucet chrome 2 handles of WOWOW. This bathroom faucet will definitely give a dramatic upgrade to your bathroom.
Installing the bathroom faucet chrome 2 handles
To install the bathroom faucet chrome 2 handles you will need a 3-hole bathroom sink. Generally, predrilled holes for the two handles are positioned at 4 inch from the faucet itself. But you can choose the distance yourself if you don’t have a predrilled bathroom sink. The handles can be placed at 4 tot 16 inched from the faucet itself. So it is up to you to decide the exact distance. To install the handles you just need two extra holes of 1 to 1,5 inch. The deck plate thickness can be up to 1,2 inch.
WOWOW’s bathroom faucet chrome 2 handles was designed with a unique connecting construction. The hot and cold water can be installed by a quick-install connection without having to use a wrench. Because of this innovative technique, you will prevent the water pipes for bursting. This bathroom faucet comes with a full installment package, including a set of quick connection pipes and additional water supply lines. With this installing kit you will be able to install this bathroom faucet chrome 2 handles yourself without hiring a plumber. You will significantly save on installing costs following the easy installing video of WOWOW. Installing could be done in just 30 minutes without any hassle. Isn’t that easy?
Design bathroom faucet chrome 2 handles

The bathroom faucet chrome 2 handles features a streamlined design with a smooth surface that will look amazing in almost any style of bathroom. The metal double-handle levers offer you easy control. The levers look amazing with its straight lines and ergonomics design. The levers are appropriately sized which make them convenient to control and comfortable to turn. You can operate the levers with just a little effort and simply control the water flow in a stepless way. Besides, the bathroom faucet itself can be turned a full 360 degrees, in order to offer you maximum comfort while using the bathroom faucet, or while cleaning your bathroom sink.

The silver bathroom faucet with 2 handles offers a mirror-like chrome finish. This so called vanity style is quite exquisite and therefore especially suitable for any modern bathroom décor. This chrome bathroom faucet was lightly polished to give an elegant touch to this bathroom faucet chrome 2 handles. The generally shiny part of chrome was just reduced a bit in order to provide a special appearance. As you can see, WOWOW looks for different ways to make your bathroom décor special and unique.

Top-of-the-market quality bathroom faucet chrome 2 handles 
The materials of the bathroom faucet chrome 2 handles of WOWOW definitely are top-of-the-market. Only solid  metal materials are used like stainless steel, brass and zinc alloy. This ensures high quality and long life endurance.  These solid metal materials definitely are above the general industry standards. WOWOW even uses better quality  materials than some A-brands that are known in the market. With these durable metal materials, WOWOW  guarantees the bathroom faucet chrome 2 handles will not be broken. Especially the brass connector, the brass core and the brass nuts form one harmonious unity that are solid and corrosion free. Besides, these materials ensure to
protect the water quality and hence the health of you and your family. 
WOWOW’s bathroom faucet chrome 2 handles comes with a complimentary pop up drain stopper as well. In this way  you can design your bathroom sink as one entire unity. The pop up drain stopper can be easily operated with a slight  touch of your finger. In this way you can let all water flow away easily. And without any disturbing noises because of  its innovative design.
Risk-free bathroom faucet chrome 2 handles 
The high-grade Neoperl aerator offers you a gentle and smooth water flow. Because of its innovative water flow control, you will be free from water splashing as you use your bathroom faucet. As it was innovatively designed, it also saves you more than 50% of water consumption. Therefore you will be able to reduce your water costs as well with WOWOW’s bathroom faucet chrome 2 handles. The Neoperl aerator is detachable and can simply be cleaned or replaced by yourself.
As WOWOW offers you the best value for money with its bathroom faucet chrome 2 handles, we are confident to  offer you a 3-year warranty period. We have seen many returning customers buying our bathroom faucets again, and this particular bathroom faucet has been applied in numerous public places as well. Therefore our aim for the best  quality is confirmed by our global customers. You are covered by a 90-day money back guarantee when you buy our  bathroom faucet. If you would not be convinced by the bathroom faucet chrome 2 handles, you will get a full refund without questions asked. So you can buy our bathroom faucet chrome 2 handles 100% risk-free!
The advantages of the bathroom faucet chrome 2 handles in a nutshell:
 Gives a wow-factor to any bathroom
 Boldly designed bathroom faucet
 Unique chrome polished touch
 Easy to operate
 Made of massive brass materials
 Easy to clean and easy to maintain
 3-year warranty




Item Weight

3.67 pounds

Package Dimensions

11.14 x 10.2 x 3.27 inches



Installation Method


Number Of Holes


Number of Handles


Warranty Description

5-year limited warranty

  1. L***n2020-05-05

    I did not expect a faucet so cheap relative to its quality. It is about the same as the one I looked for in store but not as expensive. Very easy to install, very clean and elegant design. I really like how it goes well with any design of bathroom and sink. Very high quality. Sturdy and flexible and looks very durable. The stains doesn’t really latch on to the surface of the faucet but even if it did it’s an easy clean. Last but now the least, the faucet head rotates 360 degree, which is very convenient when I was washing my face or brushing. Really made like easier.

  2. H***s2020-05-09

    This faucet is really good, it looks very beautiful。The packaging is very careful, each part has its own independent non-woven bag。The water flow is big, and the handle is very sensitive, I am very satisfied with this purchase。The faucet is not expensive, but the handyman is so expensive. I hired a handyman and it took him 2.5 hours to install my new faucet. Because the old faucet is rusty, it is difficult to remove it,but worth it。

  3. D***d2020-05-14

    its a weighted faucet. super easy to install and you can tell it is good quality one. hope it last very long

  4. E***)2020-05-17

    Wait for the master to install! Quality material. Shape and color is very suitable for my bathroom!

  5. M***l2020-05-19

    Decent priced high quality faucet I like the color coded handles everything seems to be made of high-quality the pop-up drain is a little bit cheaper looking but nobody can see it once it’s installed it looked fine. Love the design love the huge faucet head having extra room to get your hands under there and be able to wash your face ECT. Comes with everything you need except for the tools to put it in. Love the 360 degree turning. I picked the one because of the design it just looks really cute is so my style. Glad it looks as good in person as it does in the picture and it’s affordable best part.

  6. M***e2020-05-23

    this was to replace a faucet I installed over 40 years ago that was beginning to leak. The advancements over time are wonderful. O-rings instead of having to use plumbers putty not to mention the mounting. This was so much easier than faucets used to be. Looks and works great. highly recommend.

  7. D***o2020-05-28

    We actually purchased this fixture for our new stand alone bathtub because we wanted a taller fixture. We did have to buy a separate step drain plug which we knew we would because this is made more for a bathroom sink. The fixture however looks great on the bathtub. Very happy with it!

  8. B***y2020-06-04

    Nice-looking faucet. We just installed it and have had no problems with it so far. Matches our other bathroom hardware. Faucet Spread to give bathroom elegant look, five stars.

  9. H***n2020-06-09

    It’s worth every single penny!!! My sink looks awesome and it is really easy to install. I highly recommend. It looks like a really fancy faucet.

  10. B***y2020-06-11

    When buying specially selected brushed type, is likes it to touch will not leave the fingerprint. When I received the goods, I found that I made the right choice. It seemed high-grade and heavy to hold in my hand.

  11. A***y2020-06-15

    Excellent faucet. High quality. Sturdy. Beautiful finish. Well packaged. I used I’d for a small utility sink. Love that it swivels.

  12. J***y2020-06-16

    This is one of great faucet for the bathrooms, few days ago my bathroom faucet was completely break, so just put the this new faucet on few days ago, and it works great also makes my bathroom look more color full, I liked it, and my family all likes it!

  13. B***h2020-06-17

    So I couldn’t actually use the faucet it didn’t match my current hardware. I thought it was very attractive and nice quality. Plumber said he’d have no Problem installing so I assume easy installation. disappointed it didn’t match it really would have been good looking!

  14. A***l2020-06-23

    I can’t believe I set it up all by myself and only takes 30 minutes. This is my first time to install the faucet that means it is really easy to install. It looks great and stylish in my bathroom.

  15. E***r2020-06-24

    This faucet is really easy to be install. Me and my husband have no experience with install faucet, but we done it ourself by follow the instructions. It has an elegant looks on the top of my marble countertop. Very good quality!!! Better than what I have got before.

  16. O***d2020-06-26

    I’ve been looking for a unique look for my main bathroom to show off. Great quality and durability for the price. Would definitely recommend if you are on a budget and looking for a nice show piece.

  17. R***k2020-06-29

    This faucet looks great! It has clean lines. Plumber had no issues when installing.

  18. C***a2020-06-30

    The product speaks for itself. The installation was a little harder than normal because of the old drain. It took a long time to get it out but after that everything went as planned. Check out the pictures, like I said, this product speaks for itself

  19. T***e2020-07-01

    When my guy first looked at all these parts, he got mad and said “pex” as though it was a dirty word. By the time he’d finished installing this faucet, he was singing the praises of whoever designed this, and asking why all plumbing fixtures aren’t this great. So glad I chose this faucet. Besides easy, I think it’s beautiful.

  20. A***n2020-07-04

    Just the style I was looking for and the faucet looks great and operates nicely. Came carefully packed with basic supplies and directions. Had to have a plumber install because parts of the old faucet wouldn’t budge and the ultimately shut-off valves needed replacement, so I’m also glad it was a great price too.

  21. N***n2020-07-05

    Awesome tap for the money. Comes with 3/8 compression fittings, making it easily adaptable to most sink installations.
    Has the qualities of a tap double the price.

  22. W***h2020-07-06

    We had a new bathroom vanity installed which didn’t come with a faucet,i looked for many and got this black one to using it in there that gets a fair amount of use,it’s very easy to push/pull.The installation was very easy to follow the paper come with the box,solid,shinning,good looking.Otherwise, this is an easy to install faucet and looks really elegant on top of our new granite counter tops.

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