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Benefits Of Using Extendable Faucet

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Benefits Of Using Extendable Faucet

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1. Easy-to-use telescopic faucet with mounting base, fixed pipe, sliding sleeve, moving pipe, limit plate, water pipe, first through-hole, coupling, outlet pipe, water control, slider and slide When the faucet telescopes, one holds the outlet pipe and pulls the outlet pipe to the right. The outlet pipe moves to the right, and the movement pipe is driven to the right through the joint. As the left and right ends of the water pipe are connected to the mounting bracket and the connector respectively, therefore, moving the moving pipe to the right will stretch the water pipe so that the faucet can be stretched, so that people can adjust the length of the faucet according to the actual use, which is convenient for people to use.


2. The telescopic faucet is equipped with a second pass-through hole, a support bar, a fixture, a push-pull mechanism and a spring. When one adjusts the outlet hose to the right distance, the push-pull handle is released. Under the action of the force, the support bar moves downward, and the downward movement of the support bar drives the fixed plate downward, thus fixing the mobile pipe to the fixed pipe and facilitating people to fix the adjusted mobile pipe.

3. The telescopic faucet is equipped with a threaded cover, a third through-hole and a strainer. When the water flows out of the outlet pipe, the water will flow into the container through the strainer, so that the strainer can filter out some impurities in the water and make the water cleaner. Also, the threaded cap is easily unscrewed from the outlet pipe, making it easy for people to clean the filter.

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