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Bad faucets can affect human health

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The first is the classification of faucets.

There are many kinds of faucets, usually according to function and use to distinguish, such as the kitchen faucet, basin faucet, bathtub faucet, collectively known as the “three sets”. For example, if you use the basin faucet installed on the kitchen sink, it will be too low and cause a lot of inconvenience.

1, Bathtub faucet: there are two outlets, one is connected to the bathtub shower, the other is connected to the faucet under the shower for showering.

2, Basin faucet: the spout of this faucet is relatively short, mainly used for washing things and cleaning.

3, Multifunctional kitchen faucet: if there is hot water piping in the kitchen, this faucet should also be duplexed. Also, kitchen faucets have higher and longer spouts, and some are designed with hoses for cleaning food.

Sorted by structure.

1, Single handle. This type of faucet uses the currently popular ceramic valve core as a seal. Its advantages are flexible switch, easy temperature adjustment and long service life. The price is moderately high, suitable for families with relatively loose economic conditions.

2, 90-degree switch of the faucet. This kind of faucet is also sealed with a ceramic chip. It is based on the traditional double handle. The original rubber seal is replaced with a ceramic chip seal. The handle can be rotated 90 degrees when opening and closing. Cold and hot water double-sided adjustment, characterized by easy to open, diverse styles; moderate price, is the first choice of mass consumers material.

3, The traditional spiral steadily rising, rubber-sealed faucet: large amount of water. Easy maintenance. The price is relatively low.

Second, the choice of faucet skills.

1, Look at the material. Generally have titanium products, copper chromium products, stainless steel products, aluminum chromium products, iron chromium products and so on.

2, Look at the spool. The spool is the heart of the faucet, and the ceramic spool is the best. High-quality products with ceramic spool, with strong wear resistance, good sealing performance. Generally can be used more than 300,000 times. Low-grade products mostly use copper, rubber and other seals, which have a short lifespan but low price. Low.

3, Look at the plating. In the chrome plating products, the thickness of the coating of ordinary products is 20 microns, the material is easy to be used for long-term air oxidation. The thickness of the chrome copper coating with excellent technology is 28 microns. It is compact, evenly coated and brightly colored. It is smooth and delicate, and can be kept bright as new after long-term use.

4, See the appearance: it can be integrated with the basin, bathtub and the style of the bathroom, and play the role of the finishing touch.

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