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Antique Courtyard, Create A Resort-Style Office Space | Zero One City

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▲Photo: Wu Qingshan

Jinchang Business School, designed by Zero One City with integrated architecture, interior and soft furnishing renovation, is now officially put into use. The project, with corporate office training as its main function, is located in the picturesque Keyan Scenic Area of Shaoxing.

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▲film:Wu Qingshan



Serenity amidst the Bustle

The business school is located on the shore of Jianhu Lake. The lake is frequented by crow-top boats. Lu Xun, Sun Yat-sen and Zhou En-lai once rafted here and got the name, Nanyang rafting. The project faces the water and the mountain, and is only a mountain away from the city. Its relationship with the city is like a distant one, which gives the site a unique quality of “hidden in the city”.

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▲Photo: Wu Qing Shan

The project is made up of two Chinese antique buildings. One is a two-story L-shaped courtyard and the other is a three-story courtyard. Although the elaborate decorative style of the building facade is slightly outdated, the flying eaves and bumpy corners from the hands of Shaoxing craftsmen are very authentic. Take its essence and remove its dross. It retains some fine architectural parts and introduces a new order to meet modern office needs. The strategy proposed by the design team is: “resort-style office”.

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▲Before renovation

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▲Photo: Wu Qing Shan



“Composite” Functional Configuration

In addition to meeting the basic needs of office and meeting, the designer also put in the functions of residence, reception, catering and live broadcast to meet the needs of closed training and research.

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▲Photo: Wu Qingshan

The designer has made a functional positioning of the two buildings by combining the elements of volume and location: the L-shaped triplex is smaller in volume, and the function is mainly leisure and reception, which is more private and quiet.

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▲Photo: Wu Qingshan

The L-shaped courtyard has a larger volume, which can better accommodate the main functions such as office and meeting, and is more public and open.

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▲Photo: Wu Qingshan



 “Immersive” introduction of Landscape

“Even if the work in the screen is the same, there is free sunlight, air and landscape when you look up. This is the most intuitive experience the designers wanted to bring to the users. The office environment is filled with nature everywhere, allowing users to combine work and rest, creating a relaxed and happy “vacation-like” working atmosphere.

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▲Photo: Wu Qing Shan

The designer’s customized windows for each interior space not only meet the lighting needs of modern offices, but also make the outdoor scenery a “wall painting” inside. At the same time, it also becomes a chic “picture frame” on the building façade.

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▲Photography: Wu Qingshan



“Scenerized” Space Shaping

The designer creates a new landscape in the building, and creates a cohesive and stable working atmosphere through the treatment of landscaped public space. The atrium is the visual core of the courtyard. Combined with the inwardly sloping roof on all sides of the atrium, the designer transformed the courtyard into a water feature. When it rains, the rainwater drips down from the eaves. The four waters return to the hall, and the tranquility is far away.

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▲Photo: Wu Qing Shan

The floor-to-ceiling glass surrounds the atrium, blurring the boundary between interior and exterior. On the inside of the corridor, a “wooden screen” is used instead of a solid wall. The translucent U-shaped glass extends the greenery of the site into the interior. It divides the space while maintaining functionality and privacy, creating an ambiguous and interesting spatial atmosphere.

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▲Photo: Wu Qingshan

The “organic” of the preserved traditional Chinese architecture and the newly established “orthogonality” of the renovation design finally collide on the building façade, bringing a strong visual impact. A subtle sense of balance is created between the different elements.

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▲Photo: Wu Qingshan



“New Species”

Jinchang Business School presents new possibilities for the traditional headquarters office model, demonstrating the concept of “resort-style office”. It also sets a new standard in terms of quality, comfort and flexibility.

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▲  Photo: Wu Qinshan

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Project Name: Jinchang Business School

Project Owner: Zhejiang Jinchang Real Estate Group Co.

Project Location: China | Shaoxing

Building Area: 1625 square meters

Project Date: 2020

Design Firm: Zero One Urban Architects (architectural design, interior design, soft furnishing design)

Photography and Video: Wu Qingshan

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