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What Is Wood Grain Stone?

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wood grain stone meaning

Wood grain stone is a precious marble. It is a type of rock made by the re-precipitation of calcium carbonate, which forms a wood-like texture due to various conditions during the precipitation cycle. Today we will understand wood grain stone from the following aspects.

  1. What is wood grain stone
  2. Types of wood grain stone
  3. Characteristics of wood grain stone
  4. Protection of wood grain stone
  5. The application of wood grain stone

wood grain stone

1. What is wood grain stone

In the stone industry, as long as the cut and processed with wood-like texture of the stone, it can be called wood grain stone. Due to different processing and cutting methods, different textures will appear. A longitudinal cut will show wood grain texture, while a horizontal cut can show a cloudy water grain or a grain similar to an annual cycle.

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2. Types of wood grain stone

(1) According to the different types of stone, it can be divided into marble wood grain stone, sandstone wood grain stone (a small part of granite wood grain stone).

(2) According to different colors, it is divided into purple wood grain stone, red wood grain stone, yellow wood grain stone.

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▲Brown wood grain

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▲Coffee wood grain

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▲Grey wood grain stone

(3) According to the origin of the named wood grain stone, it can be further divided into Guizhou wood grain stone, French wood grain stone, Italian wood grain stone, etc.

3. Characteristics of wood grain stone

a. Powder structure

Although it has similar texture and pattern with marble, wood grain stone has obvious difference with marble. One of the important characteristics is that the formation process of limestone does not undergo the same metamorphosis and crystallization as marble.

This gives limestone a fine, powdery structure. It seems to be dense, but in fact, it has an essential difference with the crystal structure in marble and granite.

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b. Physical properties

Wood grain stone is a kind of limestone. Its main component is calcium carbonate, limestone is fragile. Its folding bulk density, curvature, compressive strength are not high.

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c. High water absorption rate

The calcium carbonate composition and powder ground structure make the water absorption of limestone generally very high. We have all had similar experiences on unprotected wood grain stone.

Some water, sprinkled on the wood grain stone, is absorbed like a sponge and quickly penetrates into the stone. This feature is significantly different from the reaction of sprinkling on the surface of marble, granite and other stones.

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4. Protection of wood grain stone

The high water absorption rate of wood grain stone is the fundamental reason why wood grain stone is not easy to polish, easy to anti alkali discoloration. Therefore, if you want to do a good job of wood grain stone, you must do a good job of protection, do the ultimate, to a very high standard.

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1)Make up brush type

That is, the wood grain stone in the factory has been brushed with protection. But if the effect is not good, not effective in reducing the water absorption rate of the stone, it should be repainted.

a. Protective agent selection

When repainting protective agent, in general, water-based protective agent can not penetrate through the original protective agent. Therefore, when brushing, you should use penetrating protective agent, such as VD penetrating stone care protective agent.

b. Painting standard

Sufficient amount, evenly, more than 24 hours of aging.

c. Precautions

Adequate amount of painting, there is also a standard. When painting, if you brush the front, the back is immediately seeped into the wood grain stone inside. This proves that the amount of protection is not in place, you have to continue to make up the brush.

Until: for the ground wood grain stone – after brushing up, the surface with a layer of protective agent will not immediately dry. This is to prove that the amount of protective agent brushing is sufficient.

For the wall wood grain stone – after brushing up, the surface is always wet state. This is to prove that the protective agent is painted in sufficient quantity.

2) Painting without protection

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a. Protective agent selection

For the unprotected wood grain stone, first use water-based protective agent, such as VD compound silane protective agent. You have to mix with water in the ratio of 1:13 for a sufficient amount of even painting, to fill and water barrier effect.

After 24 hours of maintenance, then use a penetrating protectant, such as VD penetrating protectant. After a sufficient amount of uniform secondary brushing, and then allow more than 24 hours for regeneration.

b. Painting standard

Sufficient amount, uniformity, and more than 24 hours of regeneration.

c. Precautions

The judgment of whether the protective agent is sufficient or not is the same as the previous one. Through such careful and perfect protective treatment, the water absorption rate of wood grain stone can be reduced by more than 90%.

5. The Application of wood grain stone

a. Application in the floor

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b. Application in the wall

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c. In space decoration, such as stairs, furniture, decorative modeling, etc.

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