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Facing the renewal of business logic and the iteration of consumer needs, space scenes, as an important part of business design, should be based on profound insight of consumers and flexible grasp of market environment and fashion trends. Ridge Design, which always adheres to the core concept of “from life, but higher than life”, always takes “helping customers win market competition and business returns” as the focus of the design in the case of Tastemaker Restaurant (Dongguan Airport Terminal), from In the case of Dongguan Airport Terminal, we always put “helping the client win the market competition and the client won the business return” as the guiding design focus, to meet the needs of consumers and realize the value of space from multiple dimensions, such as the artistic sense of space, the commercial transformation of the scene, and the sublimation of aesthetic experience.

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The creative team continues its consistent minimalist style. They materialized the abstract Malevich flat composition painting in three dimensions with rustic materials and fine craftsmanship. This makes this restaurant project a return and exploration of Ridge’s pure spirit and inner experience. Ridge respects the brand concept of Tastemaker Restaurant and creates a novel and uncompromising experience for this commercial space.

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Malevich Graphic Composition Painting | Program Evolution

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Elevation Drawing

In terms of the relationship between the sections of the space, Ridge Up’s design consists of a point that connects into a line and converges into a block. In terms of external concept, the form and aesthetics of point, line and surface are the evolution of architectural elements. In terms of internal expression, the elements are not only shapes, but also artistic tensions that are active in contemporary minimalism.

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Decomposition of axonometric drawings


01. The art of living, flowing like water

“In response to the needs of waiting passengers for tasting-level rest, dining and socializing, as well as the fast and stressful pace of modern travel, our design is based on the theme of ‘modern fusion art’. This underscores the ambient positioning and distinctive value of this commercial space. The simple structure of the space, the details of the ink, the quality of the craftsmanship, embellished with fun.” The designer said when he talked about his thinking when creating the project.


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The simple or elegant design of the waterscape is a vague trace of the modernist masters Louis Cohn and Karos Kappa. Ridge designed the space with water features for people to enjoy or drink. They have precisely grasped the demand of elegant and quiet taste of the space. Through the arrangement of seating, bar and water sculpture, the whole space flows like water. This not only echoes the drinking theme of coffee, but also sets off the quiet and softness of the black and white minimalist space, and holds the meaning of clean and clear.

02. When art becomes life, reshape the space scene

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When the “art” of the 20th century has become life, where is the art of today going to go? This time, Ridge Up retraces the footsteps of modernist architects and artists to explore the new artistic possibilities of commercial space.

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In this case, Ridge Design blends modern aesthetics with artistic charm. The designer preserves the height and integrity of the main space. Under the enclosure and reflection of the glass curtain wall, the main body of the cafe is a transparent and bright modern space.

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In the modern style of transparency, simplicity, unity and flow, the designer has incorporated the most rhythmic parts and details to make the whole design more tasteful. The partial axis design in the flowing plane adds some sense of stability to the flowing design. The detailed intersection treatment of water feature and bar, etc. This has a touch of industrial style coarseness, but also incorporates the exquisite and delicate polishing of skillful workmanship.

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The taste is multi-dimensional such as salty or sweet, muddy or fruity, spicy or wine-like. For this commercial space, Ridge also pursues to narrate the nuances of roughness and delicacy, softness and hardness, space calmness and flow, brightness and darkness in the overall minimalist style and black and white tone.

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All along, the “art above life” practiced by Ridge Design is deeply intertwined with the aesthetic insight of space, business logic and market demands, which together bring out the value of a commercial space. In the case of Tastemaker Restaurant, the ridge is taken from life. Between modern and art, the fusion of art above life makes this extremely exquisite space full of. It is not only the mellow aroma of coffee worth tasting, but also the delicacy embedded in the stone and metal. Delicacy and tenderness.

Project Name | Tastemaker Restaurant and Shenzhen Airport City Terminal

Location | Dongguan, Guangdong

Project Area | 350m²

Completion Date | December 2020

Owner | Tastemaker Restaurant Management Company

Special Thanks | Fenggang Tianan Real Estate

Interior Design | Ridge Design

Design Director | Li Liangchao, Huang Chengcheng

Participating Designers | Li Chao, Wang Xingyao

Soft furnishings design | Woho Design

Creative Design | Feng Yu

Project Photography | Li Hao


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Design on the Ridge was founded in Shenzhen in 2014. It was co-founded by two young designers. It is a contemporary and cutting-edge interior design firm in China, dedicated to providing professional and quality design services to its clients. Its design scope includes interior and soft furnishing design for boutique hotels, real estate, commercial, office, club and villa. It uses an artistic approach to create the infinite possibilities of space.

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Ridge Design places emphasis on the exploration of architectural space and regional culture, and integrates elements of humanities, nature and art from multiple fields to realize spatial design strategies. It is dedicated to exploring the interaction between architecture and materials, craftsmanship and details, form and light, and interpreting the intimate connection between people, space and natural environment. It uses contemporary design language to create “art above life” and build a unique field. Over the years, Ridge Design has served many real estate, commercial and high-end private clients with its rigorous and professional work attitude and dynamic creativity, and has been praised by its partners.

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