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Why Do Cats Love the Bathtub?

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White cat standing in bath tub.

Because the proud mom to five cats, I’m very conscious of how completely different their personalities could be. Whereas I’ve one cat who will only drink out of a certain water dish (choosy, certainly, huh?!), my different kitty Little Mister has all the time had an affinity for bathtubs that I’ve by no means been in a position to clarify. Every time I am searching for Little Mister, my first cease is all the time the lavatory, and 9 occasions out of 10, he is lounging within the tub.

Oddly sufficient, Little Mister actually would not like water. Though you would possibly come throughout dozens of funny TikTok videos featuring cats taking baths with their house owners, Little Mister sadly is not that courageous. As a substitute, he likes to stretch out within the tub and delight in all of his glory whereas chirping at me till I pet him.

Sounds fairly unusual, proper? Decided to find the actual that means behind my feline’s love of the bathtub, I requested Dr. Zay Satchu, Bond Vet’s cofounder and chief veterinary officer, who mentioned it is actually not all that unusual! Scroll forward to be taught why some kitties simply love to take a seat within the tub.

My Cat Hates Water, however Loves the Bathtub . . . Why Is That?

“Whereas most cats don’t love being moist, many do get pleasure from exploring or taking part in with water on their very own phrases — particularly dripping water from a faucet,” Dr. Satchu advised POPSUGAR. “Maybe to your cat, being adventurous and searching into a bath as a play space is a really completely different (and extra enjoyable!) water expertise than being caught within the rain or sudsed up for a shower.”

Moreover, Dr. Satchu mentioned it really could be a texture desire, as kitties would possibly benefit from the cool, slippery floor. “In case your cat is hanging out and stress-free within the tub whereas it is empty, they might simply get pleasure from mendacity on the sleek floor and watching folks go by from behind the sting of the bathtub, treating it as a enjoyable hiding spot or cozy sleeping nook,” she mentioned.

Why Does My Cat Chirp at Me When He is within the Bathtub?

There’s nothing I really like greater than listening to all of the humorous little sounds my cats make. And although Little Mister is not normally vocal, he will not cease “speaking” whereas lounging in his favourite spot. “Whereas most individuals are accustomed to widespread cat noises resembling meowing and hissing, cats can really make many alternative sounds for communication,” Dr. Satchu defined.

She famous that typically felines make noises to let their house owners know they’re in temper. “A chirp, chirrup, or trill is a contented noise used for greetings to acknowledge you whenever you converse to them or for expressing pleasure (in the event that they’re chirping at a toy or at a fowl exterior the window, for instance),” Dr. Satchu mentioned. “It is also the noise mom cats use to get their kittens to comply with them, so a chirp may very well be your cat’s manner of asking for consideration or making an attempt to indicate you one thing. So in case your cat is chirping within the bathtub, they’re probably having fun with their time within the tub!”

Is Letting My Cat Play within the Bathtub OK?

“In case your cat enjoys swimming or taking part in within the tub, by all means, allow them to accomplish that for bodily and psychological stimulation. Simply be sure you supervise them, and do not depart your cat unattended within the water,” Dr. Satchu suggested. “Make sure the bathtub is freed from chemical substances (like cleansing merchandise). Attempt filling the bathtub to a top the place your cat can comfortably stand with their head above the water.”

After all, should you discover a sudden change in your kitty’s conduct, it is best to ask your veterinarian for recommendation. “In case you are nervous about your cat immediately spending extra time sleeping in an empty tub, you might be proper that any conduct change is doubtlessly a trigger for concern,” she mentioned. “Cats disguise ache and sickness very nicely, so spending extra time in a hiding place could also be your kitty’s manner of isolating themselves. However take this in context with their general conduct. Is your kitty nonetheless consuming nicely, taking part in, and in any other case their regular selves, or do they appear a bit ‘off’? When doubtful, it by no means hurts to be on the protected aspect and name your vet with any conduct change.”

Is Hanging Out within the Bathtub a Regular Cat Conduct?

Whereas it is not precisely regular for cats to get pleasure from hanging out within the tub, or close to water in any respect, it is normally only a type of innocent enjoyable. “It’s uncommon for cats to love being within the tub or being moist usually,” she mentioned. “We’d not know precisely why or what goes by means of a cat’s thoughts after they get moist. Nonetheless, it is probably a cat feels a lack of management in a slippery tub. The ancestors of home cats developed in arid climates and thus did not spend time swimming. Soaking-wet fur would possibly make a cat really feel laden, make it tough to groom themselves, or make it more durable to control their physique temperature.”

And though getting a deal with in your cat’s lineage could be difficult, there are some breeds of home cats that have a tendency to love swimming! “These breeds contains Maine Coons, Abyssinians, and Bengals,” she shared. “Curiously, there’s additionally a breed referred to as the Turkish Van, which has a water-resistant coat and likes to swim. Nonetheless, people inside a breed might range by way of their preferences, so do not push your cat to swim or play with water if they don’t seem to be .”


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