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When Cyberpunk Meets Interior Design, The Fantasy World Of The Video Game Planet 丨Uholightyear

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As the chief goodwill officer of Longfor Group and the image spokesperson of Longfor, I believe you are not unfamiliar with Longfor, this time Longfor and FUNCONN started a new experience of interstellar journey.


The beginning of interstellar journey

In this journey, we met the world of elves and also broke into the cyberpunk planet.

In this journey, we were given more happy potential, and we also want to share this happiness to the little friends of the earth, so Long Xiaohu IP theme park 1.0 was born, and started the mission of spreading happiness under the name of Galaxy and Littlehoo.



The decoding of cyberpunk carnival stimulates the happy factor with strong visual performance, and the Long Xiaohu hidden in various places also enjoys the grand video game party as the master.

▲Chongqing Long Lake – Long Xiaohu Discovery Park | Cyberpunk Zone



The game is also the key to open the door to the Cyberpunk planet.

The video game party is hot.

▲Chengdu Longhu-Long Xiaohu Cyberpunk Planet



The role-playing of the future city is magical and exciting.

It is all designed in this intergalactic tour.

The design of the Cyberpunk is a part of the intergalactic tour.

This time, linking business and IP with design is also an attempt with a great challenge and sense of mission. In addition to retaining the brand story and content value represented by the IP itself. How to commercialize and lay the foundation for forming a better IP ecosystem through IP is our continuous thinking point.

The futuristic and mechanical sense is also interspersed in Galaxy at the same time, so that children can have more exploration and interaction is also the design logic we always insist on.

▲Chongqing Long Lake – Long Xiaohu Exploration Park | Exploration House

In the creation of Littlehoo, we pay more attention to the family-style play experience.

The implantation of IP elements was also repeated and strengthened through the optimization of equipment end, brand VI visual system, space guidance system and other unified expression.

▲Chengdu Long Lake – Long Xiaohu Exploration House

Unlike Galaxy’s enthusiasm and exuberance, Littlehoo is more like a gentle home, carefully guarding the dream field in children’s hearts.

With the space theme running through the IP as the core of this design, the future business and IP empowerment will also drive us to explore more deeply.

Yes, we have set off together again, once again on an interstellar journey.


Long Xiaohu Theme IP Park, to be continued


Project name: Chengdu Long Xiaohu Exploration House & Long Xiaohu Galaxy Park/Chongqing Long Xiaohu Exploration Park

Project location: Chengdu, Sichuan Province / Chongqing

Project area: 1800㎡/1500㎡

Design agency: Chengdu Long Xiaohu Exploration House & Long Xiaohu Galaxy Park, Yuhe Guangnian, Chongqing Long Xiaohu Exploration Park, Yuhe Guangnian x Wo Future Design

Commissioned by: Long Lake Group IP Division

IP Design: Yuhe Guangnian

Lead Designer: Zhang Yaotian

Design team: Chen Yanzhou, Qin Zihan

Deepening Design: Huang Yingwen, Zhao Gosen

Soft furnishing design: Haiyan Xiang

Graphic Design: Luo Cong Yi, Shen Yunxuan

Deepening production unit: Elephant Invisible Art Engineering Co.

Amusement equipment: Shanghai Kid’s Rhythm

Copywriter: Qingge Media

Photographer: Wang Haihua, Muyang

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