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Modern Italian Style, Give The Space A Luxurious Soul | Yuanhe Daqian

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Yuanhe Daqian Interior Design Alliance

It is not difficult to build a residence

The hard part is the space’s

soul and emotion

Elegant and high class is the first impression that comes to mind

While focusing on the warmth and living atmosphere of the home

design gives the space a luxurious soul

Reconstruction of modern Italian style

Craftsmanship and art collide

to define the overall tone of light luxury

The space is dominated by neutral tones

Red-orange color as an accent

The background black and white gray patterned stone is elegant and simple

Delicate texture is conveyed

Leather, cotton and linen and other natural materials

While defining the space

With modern three-dimensional design

Weaving the rich expression of space

The combination of simple shape and smooth lines of furniture

Create a unique temperament and character

Function is the most simple starting point of space layout,

while design gives deeper meaning

The right amount of light

The right amount of light makes the interior and exterior communicate without boundaries

Marble and glass materials collide to create

A cool and stylish texture

The space is subtly given a perceptible attitude to life

The soft light reflected from the lights coalesces here

A sense of ritual of life is created

Wall art installations and sculptures

Between reality and imagination

Giving the space its temperament and soul

An immersive experience of artistic atmosphere

No matter from which angle you look at it

it is hard to hide its sharpness

TOM DIXON’s exquisite tableware

The natural light of TOM DIXON’s exquisite tableware is unique

The study is a place to rest the spiritual world amidst the hustle and bustle of the world

The unique shape of the desk

In the collision of color and material

The fashionable and modern temperament is highlighted

Each piece of photography on the bookshelf

become the embellishment of daily life

The materials and textures that activate the senses create a spiritual living field that matches the status and temperament

Off-white and curry colors together create an elegant and gentle atmosphere

Leather and velvet bedding with high quality colors

Expressing the ritual of life in the atmosphere of art

The abstract and realistic art installations and ornaments

All elements are in harmony

Create a quiet and serene space

Return to the temperature of home

Private space

Tranquil elegance

After a busy day at work

A sanctuary where you can concentrate and listen

This is a place where youngsters can unleash their love of nature

Every piece of collection and art decoration

is the interpretation of the hobby of basketball

Harmonious color schemes and creative shapes

Fashionable and fun

The future possibilities are unlimited

▲Floor plan


Full name of the project: Longji Taihe – Ziyue Chenfu showroom

Project address: Tianjin soft furnishing design: Yuanhe Daqian

Hard furnishing design: Beijing JiYiYan Space Design Co.

Design time: 2020.10

Completion time: 2020.11

Space area: 138 square meters

Client unit: Tianjin Longyuan Real Estate Development Co.

Special support: Design Management Department of Longyue Taihe Group

Finishing construction: Gaobeidian City Shengtang Advertising and Decoration Engineering Co.

Photography team: Daqian Vision – Zhang Hao



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