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First Release | HID Herabenna Design: The Beauty Of Reality In A Square Inch Of Human Living

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Herabenna Interior Design Alliance

“We don’t have a story, because we ourselves are a living story.” The Hermes brand culture and the essence of the values conveyed have led HID Herabenna to think more deeply about the design of the Reality Habitat.


Artistic Extraction.

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Using the Pantone Color 2020 color of the year, Classic Blue, with Hermès Orange and accents of crimson and gold, the new ceramic collection by Italian artist (Gianpaolo Pagni) and (Philippe Mouquet) extends the design concept of the brand’s equestrian history through vibrant colors and dynamic geometric lines. A tribute to the brand’s equestrian history. The designers cleverly combined the Avalon vibration wool-cashmere blend blanket and jacquard woven blanket with the jockeys’ silk clothing and horse blanket colorful stripes to form the letter H, interpreting the subtle chemistry of space and life.

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“Ten thousand feet of red dust, poetry, calligraphy and painting, smoke and fire in human living, tobacco, wine and tea.” In the living space, the dining and kitchen area is the most realistic place. At the beginning of the line is the dining room next to the floor-to-ceiling windows, where the sunlight falls on the ground, slowing down all the busyness, enjoying a food practice, feeling the softness of ice cream melting in the mouth in summer, and listening to the whisper of love from the breeze through the leaves.

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Crystals are used in the furnishings to give the whole space a refined and stylish taste, and selected fabrics are fused with crystals and marble materials to give off a luxurious atmosphere. Sage rides on the breeze of early summer, swaying golden-orange waves of flowers, passionate and romantic.

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Hermes orange, which is hot and flamboyant, finds a balance in the black, white and gray space. Combined with the natural light from the large floor-to-ceiling windows and the marble rich in natural texture, it creates a dazzling and elegant flower fire that blossoms in this square space, splendid and with restraint. The cross-border collision of metal and leather shows the noble queen’s aura.

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In the gray and white base, the sunny Hermes orange is encountered, exuding an active meaning. The fusion and collision of different colors and materials in the subtle points show the light and luxurious attitude of the space. The furniture brands and art pieces from CLASSICOM and the unique shaped art installations show the exquisite aesthetics, reflecting the art of living and the aesthetics of modern life.

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It is as hot as the California sunshine in summer, unstintingly brilliant and unrestrainedly reckless. It is also like a sea breeze, bringing a slight coolness and comfort.

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Every detail is the designer’s delicate thinking about the artistic beautification of the reality habitat.

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The background texture dances in an elegant manner in the warm afternoon, rendering an active and warm atmosphere. The dappled and interlaced light and shadow gently ages, and the hazy beauty is like a dream.

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The boy is cool with the passion of speed, that is the prototype of a racer. According to the family’s needs to maximize the use of space to change the sky garden into a children’s room, the designer used the power of color with different materials to create a racing theme of art space. In a self-contained world, the boy is free to soar in his own dreams and enjoy his growing passion.

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Life is the same day in and day out, but it is wonderful because of the sweet and sour tastes. The elegant and simple space is decorated with dazzling colors and light luxury elements to add layers and texture. The gorgeous taste and style make people enter deeply into life, interpreting the beautiful and warm, passionate and romantic temperament of human living.

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▼Project Floor Plan


Project name: Shangkun Foshan – One Cloud Peak

Project Address: Intersection of Yunfeng Road and Jiansha Road, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province

Project type: Model 89 units

Project area: 89㎡

Hard furnishing design : Guangzhou Helbena Interior Design Co.

Soft furnishing design and execution: Guangzhou Helbena Interior Design Co.

Developer: Foshan Jiangkun Real Estate Co.

Project Photography:One Thousand Degree Vision

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