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What makes a qualified water saving faucet

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1、Valve spool

Most of the built-in valve cores of faucets use steel ball valves and ceramic valves. Steel ball valve of steel ball is sturdy and durable, strong pressure resistance, but the disadvantage is that as a seal of the rubber ring is easy to wear, and will soon age. The ceramic valve itself has good sealing performance. The faucet with ceramic valve core is more comfortable and smooth from the feel, and the opening resistance can reach a high value, and the opening and closing speed is fast. Solve the problem of running, dripping, leakage.


On weekdays, if you pay attention, you’ll notice that high-end faucets have a soft, comfortable water flow that doesn’t splash around. The secret weapon of these faucets is that they are equipped with a foaming device, which mixes the flowing water and air thoroughly, giving the water a foaming effect. With the addition of air, the flushing power of the water flow is greatly improved, thus effectively reducing water consumption.


The faucet opens automatically when your hand reaches under the faucet and closes automatically when your hand leaves. This is a kind of automatic water-saving faucet. At present, these products are mostly used in public toilets and have the advantages of convenience and hygiene. But not all automatic faucets have a water-saving function. Some faucets are slow to respond because they are not of good quality. The water comes out very slowly when your hand is near, and then slowly shuts off when your hand leaves. Therefore, it is best to field test this faucet and inspect it rigorously.

4、Water power generator

Recently, some high-end bathroom brands have introduced self-charging sensor faucets that use water to solve their electrical needs. These faucets contain a computer board and a hydro-generator with an infrared sensor to form a complete system. Place your hand under the faucet and the sensor sends a signal to a computer board inside the faucet. Turn on the water source and the water flows with a hydro-generator generating and recharging the electricity you need. This faucet can also automatically limit the flow of water to save water and electricity.


Traditional old faucets and pipes can easily rust and contaminate the water. Early use requires draining the yellow water stored in the pipes. Stainless steel and copper faucets and water pipes do not rust. In addition, copper faucets also have antiseptic and disinfectant properties and are health care products.

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