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What Is Lime Stone?

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Lime stone has a hard texture like marble, a long history and a charming pattern. It is a natural and environmentally friendly “stone of life” given to mankind by nature.

Lime stone has been used in the office building of the Chinese Embassy in the United States, the façade of the Louvre, and the Meishu Museum of Art. The famous architect I.M. Pei has an extraordinary love for this material. This article will introduce from the following five aspects, what is lime stone.

  1. What is lime stone
  2. Types of lime stone
  1. Characteristics of lime stone
  2. Applications of lime stone
  3. Price and brand of lime stone



What is lime stone

Lime stone is a natural limestone, which is formed by the impact and fusion of rock debris, shells, corals and other marine organisms under the sea hundreds of millions of years ago, and finally formed by the long-term crustal collision and extrusion, with gray, gray-white, gray-black, yellow, light red and maroon colors. Lime stone also enjoys another noble name – “the stone of life”.

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Lime stone has been used repeatedly in architecture as a material favored by designers, and it was the stone used by the European courts, and is composed of the fossilized shells of a large number of small shell-like animals billions of years ago. Due to the different years of deposition, after the changes in geothermal and crustal pressure presents a stone of different softness and hardness, its beauty, texture and flavor, other stone is difficult to compare.

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Lime stone is said to be the most story stone, it contains a large number of billions of years ago underwater biological fossils. After all the changes in the sea, they are eternally fixed in the moment when time stops. Modern techniques allow us to split the rock layers of time and bring it back to the light of day, bringing it into the design of interior and exterior. In this man-made world of steel and concrete, we bring in the deepness of nature. This kind of art that comes from life will last forever, and nature’s artistry forges the most realistic artistic vision.

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Types of lime stone

Lime stone can be roughly classified according to its color into.

White lime stone, gray lime stone, brown lime stone, beige lime stone, yellow lime stone

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According to the surface texture, lime stone can be divided into

Matt surface lime stone, lychee surface lime stone, brushed surface lime stone

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The characteristics of lime stone

a. Natural environmental protection, no radiation

Any piece of natural stone is a radiation-free, green, environmentally friendly building material. Lime stone is a material that has been formed only after hundreds of millions of years of precipitation and crystallization, and its performance is even more superior.

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b. Moisture absorption, heat absorption

Lime stone’s weak water absorption can effectively regulate indoor humidity. And its natural high heat storage performance can absorb intense external heat and then slowly release it, contributing to a warm winter and cool summer environment.

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c. Beautiful texture and color

Lime stone has a uniform texture, mild and understated color, great texture, and at the same time has the hardness of granite. They are commonly used in building facades and are irreplaceable classics. It is the stone used by the European courts. Since the 12th century, the achievement of many masters of art timeless classic historical buildings.

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d. No elasticity, easy to crack

Although the hardness of lime stone is very high, it is not elastic. If a crack occurs in a panel, it means that the whole stone has to be replaced. It is because of its pure natural qualities, so it is easy to crack, any external collision may increase the speed of its cracking.

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e.Limited area and size

Since Lime stone is taken from nature, the cause limits its area to be generally small. Nowadays, the construction process can’t reach two pieces of perfect splicing, so it is often limited by the size in the application process.

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e. Easy to fade, easy to dirty

The composition of lime stone is calcium carbonate, the surface has fine small pores. If the surface is stained with water stains stains are easily absorbed into the stone. And because of the process, the joints of two pieces of stone can not be perfectly spliced, but also easy to hide dirt.

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Application of lime stone

Lime stone is used in interior design, generally as a backdrop and wall decoration, the effect is natural and rich texture. It is not recommended to be used in kitchen and bathroom because it is easy to get dirty.

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▲Between the inside and outside | Design in the Residence

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▲Beyond the Elephant – The Realm of Tranquility | Nearby Production by Tang Zhong Han

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image▲Xiamen Zhongnan Jiujintai | Water Phase Design & Gravity Design

Lime stone is mostly used for exterior wall decoration in large public design projects. The material with a sense of history exudes a more elegant and mysterious atmosphere under the baptism of nature.

a. Chinese Embassy Office Building in the United States

The office building of the Chinese Embassy in the United States is located in the northwest part of Washington, D.C. The embassy was designed by the world-renowned Chinese-American architect I.M. Pei, and his two sons, I.M. Pei Jianzhong and I.M. Pei Lizhong, were responsible for the whole project. In I.M. Pei’s design, a large number of lime stones are used, and the divine charm and essence of Chinese architecture are combined, and the necessary evolution and abstraction are made on the basis of tradition, reflecting the consistent modern style of Pei’s architectural design.

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b.Meixiu Museum of Art

Designed by the famous architect I.M. Pei, the Mihide Museum of Art is located in the deep Shinraku Mountains and the Mihide Nature Reserve, which is located in the south of Lake Biwa, east of Kyoto City, Japan, and is as beautiful as “Shangri-La” or “Peach Blossom Garden”. In harmony with the beautiful natural landscape of the mountains, 80% of the entire building of the Mihide Museum was built underground ……

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The materials used in the museum’s interior are warm, with a large amount of Burgundian lime stone used to preserve the exhibits and artworks in optimal conditions.

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The lime stone façade is fully paved, and the roof is an interpretation of the heavy eaves hipped roof of the same size as the Taihe Hall, which not only continues the traditional cultural lineage and outlines an elegant and ritual skyline, but also increases the interior light and improves the comfort of the space.

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c. LV Flagship Store in France

Philosopher Henri Lefebvre said, “The gathering of urban space is meant to create a way of life, i.e., urban culture.” The design of the LV global flagship store finds a balance between the new and the old, with a strong sense of architecture that shows the designer’s new ideas, while also overturning the unchanging layout of traditional boutique retail stores.

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Designer Peter Marino used techniques that refer to French history and craftsmanship while carefully incorporating innovative fashion design. Through the use of glass, lime stone, wall coverings and beautiful stone parquet flooring, each floor is subtle in its own way.

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d.East façade of the Louvre

The transformation of the east façade of the Louvre, completed in the era of Louis XIV, is a typical example of classical architecture. As one of the largest royal palace buildings in France, the east façade of the Louvre is 172 meters long and 28 meters high after reconstruction, with three focal points: center, left and right, which are connected to form five horizontal sections; the vertical section is divided into three sections: base, colonnade and cornice, with the majestic double-columned colonnade in the middle section as the main one. It has become a representative work of European classical architecture.

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e. Victory Statue Backdrop

The famous statue of Victory is now in the Louvre and is one of the three treasures of the Louvre. The statue was created around 190 B.C., originally as a pure white snowflake stone sculpture, due to long-term immersion in the Aegean Sea, microbial reproduction and seawater erosion, so that the existing statue presents the current historical vicissitudes. The back wall behind the statue of Victory, on the other hand, is made of lime stone piled up. The majestic posture of the Goddess of Victory spreading her wings to fly is set against the natural noble lime stone that has been precipitated through time, highlighting the historical significance of this sculptural masterpiece.

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The price and brand of lime stone

Lime stone generally according to the thickness, size manufacturers will give the corresponding price, basically ranging from 150-400 yuan per square meter, part of the origin of imported prices will be higher, if necessary, you can consult the corresponding manufacturers.

Recommended manufacturers: Yingliang stone, Fujian Province, Dongsheng stone industry, Zhongmin Olem stone industry, Zhengzhou Ston stone, Hebei Junwang stone, Shandong Yin silicon building materials, Xiamen Qi Xiang import and export company. (Get factory information sheet, please add the WeChat snsjlm502)

The old rules, a chart summarizing what is lime stone:

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