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Framing Pure Beauty, Showing The Beauty Of Color Infusion|Millo Reflections

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The design starts from life, and then returns to life. This case interweaves the jumping colors just right to create a charming and elegant space atmosphere. Just one glance will enchant you for a million years. The large area of white space leaves more space for imagination. The sense of block and line make the space more modern, and then intermingle with the colorful, and match the details in a dense manner, which together form the aesthetic and rhythm of the space. The poetic habitat of the space is felt with the soul, and the space is also given full emotional tension, thus creating a home that returns to itself, pure and true.

The living room opens up the interval between the living room and the balcony, making the space more spacious and the view more open. The design of no main light makes the top surface more clean and simple, and raises the visual depth to make the whole space more coherent. The main theme of the space is gray and black, and then the elegant and noble brownish red of burnt brick is added to the base tone of beige curry. A new interpretation of exquisite elegance is made with modern design techniques, and a high quality and simple and comfortable living attitude is interpreted with a more rational and wise attitude.

A touch of vermilion, in the realm of purity to light up the vision, moving the heartstrings. The soft and textured sofa makes the resting time more comfortable and rounds out the tenderness of life. Vibrant greenery adds a bit more freshness to the space and adds more vitality to the space. The cloud-like art installations weaken the thinness of the space and make the visual richness.

What really moves us often does not lie in the appearance, but in the emotion it conveys. Home, not only is the expression of tone, but more is the feeling of companionship. Because there is temperature and companionship, it makes the space appear extra warm and precious. To achieve the maximum integration of art and life, advocating a new human living experience. Find a peaceful place in the city’s clutter, and make life more warm from the beginning to the end.

The layout of the living and dining room as one makes life more possible, not only reduces the sense of closure, but also extends the overall visual sense, better realizes the interaction between spaces, and makes the dining atmosphere more warm. And the dining table texture warm, leather single chair texture clear, the collision between the materials, mutual balance, it makes the restaurant more modern sense of sharp and sophisticated beauty.

The more simple, the more it can withstand the test of time. The natural color of the bedroom back wall is vivid, combining freshness and romance, creating a warm and quiet atmosphere for the space. The installation of the time gallery is very dynamic, as if in this moment to leave behind all the clutter and noise, so that people are full of novelty and desire to explore and learn.

The bedroom and the checkroom have a smooth flow of movement, whether it’s to pick up or change clothes, or to dress up, it’s all intimate and comfortable. In a private space that is uniquely his own, all the senses are allowed to comply with their own comfort, creating maximum comfort in an immersive feeling.

The use of blue in the space gives the boys’ room a calm and serene temperament like the deep sea. The silhouette of “Nautical King” on the background wall is interesting and lively, which not only makes the space seem less dull, but also romantic and gentle that belongs to boys only.


▲Floor plan

Project Name|Guiyang Golden Shield Garden

Project Type|High-end Private Residence

Soft furnishing design and implementation|Millo Reflections

Art Director|Yazhen Zhang

Location|Chenzhou, Hunan

Project Area|160㎡

Completion Date|2020.07


Millo Reflections, a high-end soft furnishing aesthetic brand

Millo Reflections is an art-driven high-end soft furnishing aesthetic brand. It specializes in providing in-depth, comprehensive and professional high-quality overall soft furnishing design and product implementation services for spaces such as personalized private houses, villa mansions, showrooms, sales offices, hotels and clubs. Since its establishment, it has successfully created many beautiful living spaces in the country and is committed to becoming the first brand of soft furnishing design in China.

Millo Reflections takes “design reconstructs the art of living” as a beautiful ideal, takes the customer as the center, respects the real needs and potential emotions of people and space ontology, gives the space a humanistic connotation, conveys a beautiful way of life, and makes every work have its own temperature and value.

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