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Tips for the purchase of basin faucets

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First, determine the type of basin you are using.

Based on the location and opening where the faucet is installed, it can be divided into wall and vertical, single and double hole, single cold and hot and cold. Currently, the most widely used product in home improvement is the vertical hot and cold , single cold. This product is mainly suitable for installation in public places where there is no hot water source.

The choice of basin faucet has a great relationship with the wash basin. At present, the basins on the market are mainly in the table, under the table type. According to the different openings, they are divided into single, double and triple holes. Before purchasing a faucet, it is important to install it on the wash basin.

According to the different outlets, there are vertical outlet, tilt outlet, rotating outlet, pull out outlet, wide outlet, etc..

Second, it is recommended to purchase an all-copper basin faucet.

It is recommended to use an all-copper basin faucet. Now the process of copper faucet has become very mature and occupies a large market share. Real copper faucet handles, decorative nuts, switch valve, wall cover, connecting nuts and eccentric joints, it is necessary to ask in detail whether the real copper faucet, or the main body is all-copper faucet is generally heavier, dull and low sound.

Third, it is recommended to buy ceramic faucet basin faucet.

The valve core is the most important part of the faucet. It is directly related to the use of the faucet experience and service life. At this stage, it is recommended to choose the ceramic valve core. However, ceramic spool is divided into several grades consumers are difficult to judge the quality of the spool. Consumers themselves are difficult to judge the quality of the valve core, in the choice, it is best to buy after professional evaluation agencies to evaluate the product, data details, quality assurance.

Fourth, carefully select the basin faucet faucet length.

Buy such a faucet, pay attention to the length of the faucet. If it is too short, it may cause your hand to touch the edge of the wash basin.

With a shower, water can be sprayed into the middle of the pool, but the water pressure of the nozzle is low or will flow. When turned off, the water will flow vertically downwards, which will still cause your hand to touch the edge of the sink.

The swivel out is a faucet that can be rotated 360° to facilitate washing the face. However, the lower spout of some swivel spout taps is too short (otherwise the water will spray out of the basin when sprayed), which can affect the ease of use of the faucet.

The spout can be pulled out, and the spout is connected to the faucet through a hose, usually embedded in the faucet and can be removed when needed. The advantage is that the faucet can be freely discharged in any direction, but when the faucet is pulled out, a hand must be free to grasp the faucet.

The wide mouth indicates that the spout is flat. When discharged, the water flows down in a cascade. Sometimes with glass to support the spout, forming a water curtain. This type of faucet is characterized by beauty and individuality, but from the washing effect, the water flow is small and scattered, not as good as the traditional way of using water.

Fifth: It is recommended to buy the basin faucet with lifting handle.

The handles of basin faucets are mainly divided into single handle and double handle, and there are several types of single handles, such as spiral, lifting handle, wrench, inductive, delayed, etc.

The single handle is characterized by easy control and simple structure. The double handle requires two hands to adjust the water temperature, but this style can be used in more situations (such as under-counter basins). When the single-handle faucet is turned on and off, the water pressure rises rapidly. If the product doesn’t have a high copper content, it won’t be able to withstand the expansion of water pressure, so single-handle faucets should be opened and used slowly. Close. The two-handle faucet has a wide pressure range and the water pressure is released slowly, so there is no such problem. However, the two-handle faucet should not be closed too much or the stopper will fall off and cause the faucet to shut off and stop working.

In single-handle faucets, the spiral type has been largely eliminated. The wrench, inductive and delayed shut-off types make it difficult to adjust the amount of water and water temperature on a single switch. So if you want to adjust the temperature of the water in the sink, the best option is a lifting handle. The lifting handle usually controls the water volume by vertical lifting and horizontal rotation, and is the most practical and common handle for basin faucets.

We can also choose according to our needs and the room combination, but you can choose according to the above.

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