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Methods for extending life of faucet

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First, the installation method of the faucet

When we install the faucet, we must find experienced and qualified professionals to perform the construction and installation. During installation, the faucet should try not to collide with hard objects. Do not leave cement or glue on the surface to avoid damaging the surface coating. Be sure to remove debris from the pipes and install the faucet.

Second, the use of faucets

Don’t use too much force when opening the faucet, because the pressure of the water flow is far more than the faucet can withstand, and the speed is too fast, which affects the life of the faucet.

In the event of a leak, repair the faucet immediately. Qualified faucets do seal well when they are newly put into use. However, because the ceramic seal is sensitive to hard impurities such as sand and gravel in the water, the sealing surface is easily worn and scratched, which can lead to drips and leaks. Also, once a drip occurs, the drip will continue to increase rapidly, creating a line flow, so you should repair a leaking faucet as soon as you notice a leak.

In the case of normal water pressure, the use of water after a period of time to reduce the amount of water found, and even the phenomenon of water heater stalled, you can gently unscrew the faucet outlet of the filter cover, remove impurities, generally can be restored as before.

Third, the maintenance method of the faucet

In addition, it is best to install a constant pressure and constant flow efficient automatic water saving device. After setting up the water-saving device, the faucet can maintain an optimal and stable flow rate under high water pressure, which truly realizes the concept of flow limitation and water saving. The faucet does not need to be adjusted during the opening process. It also reduces the erosion of the ceramic sealing surface by sand and gravel in the water, prolonging the service life of the faucet.

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