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The water flow rate of the faucet becomes smaller that it is recommended to clean the faucet filter regularly

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Every time you wash the dishes, they feel unclean and take more time. Also, with the high summer temperatures, the frequency of water use has increased a lot, and the flow of water is so small that it feels inconvenient to use.


This could be because the drain is blocked. There is a filter head at the spout of the faucet. Once it is clogged, the flow rate of the water will decrease. At this point, use an adjustable wrench or pliers to remove the filter head and see if any debris is stuck there. Once the cleaning is complete, the water flow rate will increase and the filter head will be cleaned to ensure that the water is clean.

The strainer also acts as a bubbler, flattening the faucet, preventing splashing, and filtering some of the impurities in the tap water. However, the strainer has a dense mesh. If not cleaned in time, too many impurities will block the flow of water, which will not only reduce the amount of water delivered, but also cause bacteria to bring health problems. Therefore, the filter should be taken out periodically to rinse out the impurities.

If you are experiencing an increasingly low volume of water, and you can rule out a lack of water pressure as the cause, then check to see if the filter is clogged with impurities. This is the easiest way to do a self-check.

The diminishing water flow may be due to an aging tap water valve that does not turn into position when the switch is turned on, and the water flow will naturally diminish. In this case, the tap water valve must be replaced.

Finally, some people’s homes have had their water pipes modified. If the construction is not done properly, the plumbing connections may become narrower, resulting in a lower flow of water from the faucet.


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