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The faucet needs to be changed regularly

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Leading brands are replaced every five years. For faucet products with a good brand reputation, you can replace them every five years. If it’s a niche faucet product that doesn’t even have brand protection, it’s recommended to replace it once a year. As for non-drinking faucets such as washing machines, they can be used for a long time. It doesn’t matter at all, you have to replace them once every 6-7 years. Drinking water and water can be said to be the lifeblood of our daily life. In order to protect the health of water in our daily life, we must pay more attention to the installation and use of faucets details, from the root to avoid sources of harm.

After the installation of the faucet, it is recommended to clean the surface of stains and fingerprints every other month. Rinse the surface with water and dry with a soft cloth. Exterior and brightness maintenance can be cleaned with wax once a month. The surface is cleaned for aesthetics, and the interior is the most important factor in longevity. In addition, if the water flow from the faucet decreases or a water fork appears, it means that the faucet’s bubbler is clogged. In this case, remove the bubbler, soak it in vinegar, and use a small brush or other tool to clean the debris. Then reinstall it.

Precautions for faucet cleaning.
(1) Do not wipe the surface of the faucet with a hard object such as a steel ball, because the steel ball is hard and can easily scratch the surface of the faucet.
(2) It is best to use neutral detergent when cleaning. Strong acid and strong alkali detergent is not suitable for faucet cleaning.
(3) after cleaning the faucet, the surface of the residual water should be dry with a lint-free dry towel (cleaning glass is also so), in order to avoid the formation of scale.

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