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The Club House From The Clouds, A High Luxury Experience in the Cloud Clubhouse | Yuanhe Daqian

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Yuanhe Daqian   Interior Design Alliance

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The increasing scarcity of land in the center of modern cities has prompted the development of central residential and commercial systems. China Merchants Shekou has a pioneering international vision to understand the development trend of the city, and the birth of Nanping Merchants Cloud Residence is a testimony to the growth of the city.

The overall height of the project is over 180 meters, directly facing the Yangtze River and overlooking the mountain city. In view of the architectural characteristics of the project, the design of the furnishings is based on the idea of “meeting guests in the clouds”, combining the profound local culture and simulating a real clubhouse in the clouds.

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The architecture with “roots” is based on the project’s unique geographic location. The clubhouse consists of 1F and 56F, representing “rooting and floating” respectively. The roots are culture and also the source. The interior design is partitioned with gentle curves, and the curved wooden half-partition encloses the surging flow of the river.

The reef is the root of the river. After years of erosion and erosion by the river, the reef has developed a unique vicissitudes of beauty and natural posture, and is a stopping point and memory point of the city. It is a great place to visit for the first time, but it is also a great place to see a lot of people.

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▲1F Reception area

Design is the act of choosing the right design for the right place. The architecture gives the space a harmonious character, while the soft design gives the space a meaning and creates a new way of life. Looking out from the all-glass landscape on 56F, the building floats in clouds and mist, as if you can reach out and touch the clouds in the sky.

In the clear, the view is the precious Yuzhong Peninsula, the skyline of the vast scenery in the eyes.

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▲56F Cloud Clubhouse

In order to reduce the sense of alienation between the city and nature, the interior is dominated by the beige color of the river, with simple white and gray furniture and accessories, the vast river and the color scheme that fits the space, and also draws the distance between indoors and outdoors closer, one high, one low, one far and one close, which mobilizes the physical senses.

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The artist Liao Yibai combines the representative elements of clouds and mist with the deconstruction of urban architecture, creating an artistic effect like a city on clouds. The softness of stainless steel and wood is also an interesting combination of modern technology and natural materials, resulting in an art installation full of symbolic meaning.

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Rizhao Chongqing, return home with a full load

People who grew up by the river often have a special affinity for boats, which may no longer be a common means of transportation in modern life, but we still want to use art to awaken it.

In the design of the furnishings, Daichi Jizo artists use rich materials and light and shadow to reflect the dynamics and layers of space, breaking the boundaries of materials. When the sun is shining, the hull of the boat is filled with sunlight, adding a touch of humanity and natural warmth to the space.

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Project Information

Full name:China Merchants Cloud Residence Sales Center & Cloud Clubhouse

Project Address: Chongqing

Soft Decoration Design: Yuanhe Daqian

Hard Decoration Design: Shenzhen Danjian Environmental Art Design Co.

Design Date: 2019.12

Completion date: 2020.05

Space area: 800㎡

Special Support: China Merchants Shekou Chongqing

Photography team: prism architectural landscape photography

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