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Simple style, creating an elegant lifestyle

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Low-key and comfortable home
Life Aesthetics • Home
Art originates from life, and life creates art, a family interprets an aesthetic exhibition of life.
The TV background wall decorates the whole surface of the wood with different forms in different forms so that the background wall, door cover, and wall surface are unified in the space. The fine texture of the sofa background wall and the rustic wood finish complement each other. Stabilize the entire space. Designers seek unity in change and create family-specific souls with minimal lines.
The layout of the one-line hall makes the horizon more open, and the smooth space movement creates more interaction for family members. The warmth in the space, the emotional language, and the peace of mind are what the family looks like.
Following the main design theme of the living room, the dark wood veneer of the master bedroom extends from the top surface to form a different kind of beauty interspersed in the space. The delicate and quiet appearance of the white grille wood veneer echoes the background of the living room. The soft light of the sidelights deepens the sense of volume of the bedroom; the blend of materials and the collision of colors show elegant and energetic power.
The large surface of the study room adopts beige wallpaper, with the matching of wood veneer and light belt, so that the whole space is quiet and comfortable. The soft light from the Venetian blind in front of the window is the best companion when resting on the couch.
In the small children’s room, the most dreaming world of children’s dreams can be incorporated. The softness of the carpet, the company of the dolls, the secret time in the tent… The design touches the deep desire of the child with warmth, making every day full of life.
A modern and elegant home
Silence and light meet here
Space is designed with a stylish frame. The large beige wallpaper and white wood veneer make the whole space pure and natural. The designer adopts the design method of space and landscape and uses mint green as the embellishment color of the soft decoration of the guest restaurant. The greenery gives the space a touch of natural elegance. The softness of the white sofa and the toughness of the dark metal merge here into a gentle power unique to women.
In the corner of the living room, the warm colors and abundant light are interwoven, the curtains soften the sunlight, and then pour it down. The clever combination of different materials and colors creates a quality life full of gentleness and fashion.
The partition of corrugated glass divides the functional area of the space, and the transparent material brings a sense of mystery to space. Selecting decorative embellishments that are consistent with the main decorative colors, the transparent visual effect continues the vivid tone of the overall space.
From the outside to the inner layer, the complexities of the outside world are stripped away. After a busy day, enter the master bedroom to start personal private time. Abstract green decorative painting, showing the unique temperament of urban women; dark metal, gray tea glass, and light wood veneer blend here, just like the interweaving of abstract rationality and elegant sensibility, the open cloakroom carries women The different looks of the owner.
As the hostess’s place for studying, the design of the couch by the window is not only the best place to rest. A ray of light and a half-volume book is enough to place a spiritual world with infinite inspiration.
“Life is grounded, but the lack of life should stay in a place with texture and height.”
The gentleness of the curved mirror neutralizes the toughness of ceramic tiles and stone, and the soft light falls on the bathroom. In this semi-open space, the overlapping of materials and the precipitation of colors feel the charm of life in daily use.

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