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In today’s world, the value of emotional experience is more important than the abstract environment. The residence not only reflects the personalized lifestyle, but also expresses the owner’s pursuit of quality of life in an artistic form and texture.

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A highly fashionable couple and their daughter who loves ballet and painting will live in this house. The male owner is the middle management of the company, and the female host is the wedding planner. They pursue an elegant and refined style of life, and simple and high-quality furnishings not only enhance the comfort of life, but also demonstrate the spiritual pursuit and artistic aesthetic of the owner.

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“Utopian Fantasia” has become the source of inspiration for this case. There are both curious explorations and good expectations for future life, as well as an inner attitude of returning to the original, calm and comfortable, like an ideal free state of transcendence. I hope that the moment the protagonist enters this space, his heart will be filled with joy.

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The living room uses a calming gray tone and elegant Morandi powder to bring out a light sense of purity, with the soft lines and delicate artwork of the furniture and single chair, without losing the interest of daily life and highlighting the durability of time. The charm of it is like a dream in your heart.

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Art is an abstract form of people’s perception of life. In this case, the abstract concept is applied to the theme of space. The artwork shows a warm and comfortable atmosphere. I hope that the owner who returns home can have innocent happiness and regain the strength of hope and courage in the flowing space.

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The open restaurant area reveals a more delicate perception, which is not only a place to provide daily meals, but more importantly, it is a gathering place for emotional communication between family and friends. It is suitable for the personality of the host who loves to make friends, not only a family of three Leisure time is a new social form.

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The arc of the dining table and chairs is matched with the desktop marble, embellished with glass and metal, and the details show the owner’s life pursuit everywhere. The design is in the classic pure black and white gray essence, with humanistic care, balance between aesthetics and function, and achieve a more perfect fusion of the three.

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The master bedroom fills the dream of life with a soft and gentle atmosphere. A wide range of gray scales and low-color shades will smooth the beauty of leisure. The collision between the materials through different textures and materials highlights the quality, and the abundant sunshine will keep the life extending.

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In your free time, take a nap on the bay window, read the books and newspapers at will, and enjoy the scenery outside the window. The jewelry display further highlights the elegant and exquisite personality of the hostess, with decorative paintings and soft fabrics, creating a warm, relaxing and layered sleeping space.

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The second bedroom is more quiet with light blue and gray tones. The rounded lighting ornaments and paintings bring a hug-like intimacy in simplicity, quiet and comfortable. The precious life is not only the selected texture, but also leisurely With a soothing mood.

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The beautiful and charming girl room will be full of charming and charming movements. The shades of quiet blue and fantasy pink are lovely and gentle, and the little princess’s party is born in this world.
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The design builds the beauty of tranquility, intellectual elegance, and extends the unforgettable memories and dreams of freedom in the life. Hope that the protagonist who lives in the space can have pure happiness and strength, so that the daily life of bear hardship with equanimity can reflect the best brilliance in the years of polishing.

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