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Simple and Warm Texture, Creating a New Experience of Minimalist Living

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The following article is from Design Prime. By Fa Ge

Founder of Hot Walls

Mikhail Shaposhnikov

Hot walls is a design studio from Russia. Mikhail Shaposhnikov, the founder of hot walls, is not only an excellent designer, but also a network sharing expert. He created a designer blog channel on YouTube with more than 600000 fans. He often shares his design concept and design landing process through video.



The warmth of wood

Mellow and open

This case is an ordinary flat floor apartment. The designer creates a comfortable and warm interior space through neutral tone and log.


The rhythm of lines

Atmosphere Rhythm

It is a high-level gray style home for young couples. Under the simple style, it contains rich details and exquisite scales, especially the use of vertical lines, which endows the space with a kind of rhythmic beauty.


Harmonious style

Harmony Minimalism

Minimalist approach to create a home, clean modeling design, lighting design using linear lighting, give the whole home a simple and rich level of light environment.


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