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A Profound and Infinite Space, A Sense of Silent Idealism | Qi He Design

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There’s nothing like silence.
It’s a better expression of how the space makes you feel.
Before entering a space
Sound colors the space, gives it a body of sound.
And shut out the noise.
The space becomes pure, vast, deep and infinite.
The mind will be at peace.

Bringing everything to a standstill.
In the conception of this house.
Also “de-colorized” the design expressions
Texturing the marble
Texture of the leather sofa
A tactile organic blend of cotton and linen carpet
Giving space a belief and meaning

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White and black are never colorless.
It’s not a neutral color either.
They have their own color value.
Expression of subjective and free will
Makes the work emotionally strong

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Frame the relief lines on the wall
Gold chandelier brings a sense of luxury to the space
White… the scale of the space extends infinitely.

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Put the TV backdrop
As a divider between the study and living room

To compensate for the inseparability of motion
It also creates a beautiful translucent effect.

Rest and recreation for family members
Your own office reading
not disturb each other

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Good times in the kitchen.
Always with a vision of life.
Blooming of the taste buds
Maybe just a spacious console.
Or an expectant glance from a child in a restaurant

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Continuation of uniform chandeliers and tables and chairs
No need for elaborate designs and oversized scales
Round dining table makes family meals more welcoming
In a dark brown cabinet
It’s full of years of vintage.
Waiting to get drunk

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640 21 13

Comfortable Simple Refined Elegant
Putting these words together
That’s all that’s left of the bedroom.
Life isn’t always the same.
In a plain and simple space layout
You can be colorful on the inside

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