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New Face of the Ancient City, Looking for Oriental Aesthetic Memories | WJID

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I long to recreate the memories…
Memories acquired through images, sounds, touch, smell
It is superimposed on objective events, translated, reconstructed
From this came something called ’emotion’.


Shijiazhuang is one of the earliest cultural birthplaces of mankind, a land that has nurtured a number of wise ministers, generals, poets and scholars. The old city’s old streets also highlight the city’s spiritual core and unique charm, and in a quiet way, call people’s emotional memory.

Zhengding Ancient City

Song Ancient City in Tianchang

WJID upholds the aesthetic concept of modern simplicity, and internalizes the memory of emotion and culture in the space, soothing the emptiness and restlessness in people’s hearts. Between the sky and the earth, a poetic painting like ink flows through the space, and an elegant scroll unfolds slowly.

Stepping into the front hall, one is struck by the visual impact brought by the brimming crystal chandelier and marble background.

The combination of airy and transparent and heavy and melancholy in the same space is perfect, both fresh and bright with humanistic thickness, which naturally expresses the oriental aesthetic attitude of embracing all things.

WJID introduces Chinese elements, forming vertical partitions with bronze metal, combining soft furnishings and using glass and wood to inject different layers and textures to enhance the living style and sensory experience of the whole space.


Jade feather and pearl, jagged gold and green

After passing through the glass shadow wall, the space opens up to the negotiation area. Dark wood veneer contrasts with the white ceiling, creating an oriental mood with elegant tones.

The light gray sofa and marble coffee table are symmetrically distributed, which are reflected in the dark background wall and delicate wooden display shelves, giving the space a sense of liveliness.

The round glass wall lamp and the relief texture of the art installation, the art objects on the high cabinet… WJID makes the different textures embellish each other, creating a combination of rustic and modern.

The round wall light softens the otherwise neat vertical lines, adding a touch of grace to the negotiation area. Green glass and bronze metal accents add depth and meaning to the space.

Warm wood, metal, leather, fabric… The material elements jump like musical notes in the space, linking the rhythm of space, natural texture and human feelings in the negotiation area.


Elegantly decorated

Behind the rigorous and regular wooden doors, the sandbox area is a tranquil poetry of glistening water. Giant chandeliers made of bronze metal and glass interlaced with each other hang down from the ceiling, creating a warm yellow halo of light that is elegant and soft.

Towards the end of the corridor, glass screens with relief texture on both sides extend the visual effect of the space in both directions. The design of the project is like a crystal palace, which makes the division of the area and the experience of space a kind of magnificent and charm.

▲Panel – detail

Zen painting emphasizes “subtle comprehension”, concentrating on reverie, subtle comprehension of nature, forgetting both things and the self, leaving the form and leaving the wisdom, WJID places the virtual and the real, thinking and comprehension, spirituality and nature in a canvas-like space to narrate the story, the space is a painting, and there is a painting within a painting, interpreting a unique oriental mood.

The continuous piece of transparent chandelier spreads a piece of stars in the room, and the silver ripples are beautiful. While meeting functional needs, it also covers the space with a layer of dreamy mood, blurring the boundaries between reality and fantasy.

Details of the place, the wall lamp combination continues the poetry of the pearl of cui feather – washing and grinding in the conception of the essence, finally become the pearl of cui feather, tracing out the space of nobility. The rhythm formed by the interweaving of circles and lines makes the exploration and communication more rich in flowing rhyme.


Chun Mei Shu Jian

I can be sentimental and calm, serious and detached.

I can respond to the commonplace at any time, but I can also hide in the gullies of the non-earthly world.

The precious rains of art and literature have infiltrated my soul to the depths.

I am a recreated human being, and the Creator is myself.


–Zhu Guangqian


Out is busy, in is quiet. When you come to the VIP area, you will encounter a different view.

The large floor-to-ceiling windows allow soft light to flow in, giving the whole space a flowing light and shadow. It is the first time that the company has been in the market for a new product.

▲Dense Ink – Global

Above the gray wall, hung a hazy and imposing landscape painting. The top of the painting scroll is slightly raised, adding a hint of virtual and real atmosphere, as if a mountain breeze blows through the window frame, gently lifting the white curtains, so the scenery is also in this, slightly swaying.

Books, scrolls, inkblots… they pave the way for a serene and elegant atmosphere that builds the cultural quality of contemporary living spaces.

WJID is exploring how to integrate the shaping of urban memory into the space, presenting the symbiosis of history and contemporary, classic and fashion, humanity and nature, making the object entity and driving the emotional resonance of the viewer.

▲Floor plan


Project information

Project Name: Shijiazhuang Xuhui Ptachenfu Sales Office

Project Location: Shijiazhuang, China

Project Area: 715m²

Unit A: Xuhui Group North China Regional Group Shijiazhuang Company

Hardcover Design: WJID Weiqi Design

Softcover Display: WJID Weiqi Design

Completion Date: May 2020

Project Photographer: Zheng Yan



WJID is a cutting-edge interior design company dedicated to high-end customized design and soft furnishing services for top commercial real estate, hotels and resorts, high-end clubs and ultra-high-rise office buildings, treating every project as an opportunity to create unique and innovative designs. Since its inception, the team consists of nearly 180 designers with professional knowledge in concept creation, project development and supervision, systematic operation mode and the ability to manage large-scale projects, creating a highly competitive design team.

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