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In this case, the owner loves life and attaches great importance to the quality of life. Therefore, in the details, the designer incorporated more romantic taste of music and blues, combined with the elegant ivory air tone, and planned a transparent, wide and bright open space. The sense of texture with its own stiffness, simple texture natural stretching, is not only an elegant gesture, but also the pursuit of a high style of exquisite life.

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The living room is the main space for family meeting, rest and entertainment. The designer uses the delicate and gentle ivory white as the background color for the large area, which makes the living room like a spread out piece of paper. The collision and matching of different colors and materials gives the whole kernel a sense of freedom and movement, and brings out a delicate and pleasant living mood. The peacock blue sofa is the brightest color in the space, the brush stroke in the living room space outlines the French elegance and romance, bold design techniques as if the sea into the interior space, the deep quiet blue slowly flowing.

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The owner is very particular about hospitality. A corner of the living room added tea tasting area and display area, tea tasting area with light and elegant tone, plain white curtain next to the side of the birds, ceramic statue in the side. Sitting against the morning sun, night after the invitation to accompany the moon, daylight flow, light and shadow blend, is the tea table shimmering waves. Invite friends on three or five friends, shallow drink slowly, and talk a lot.

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Display area to wine and mug-based. The ivory white long standing cabinet is simple and generous, which meets the function of receiving and displaying, and at the same time harmonizes with the overall style of the living room. The designer cleverly used the structure of the living room space, not only to extend the sense of line and plane sense of display cabinets, but also does not affect the activities of family members. The lighting fixtures are carefully set to highlight the collections that the owner wants to display, and at the same time show the owner’s good taste.

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The work area is the owner’s frequently used space, so the background wall is both storage and display functions.Sea blue sky white intermixing, space both office desk, but also a small sofa area for leisure reading.Sea blue sky white intermixing, space both office desk, but also a small sofa area for leisure reading. Small space, big content, Mediterranean blue enthusiasm, to create a pleasant working area.

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The master bedroom has an excellent view, and the white, transparent glass was chosen to create a sense of freshness and bring in the flowing daylight from the window. The ivory white wall panels are simple and generous, the small blue velvet sofa is delicate and stable, and the rouge red bed has become the most vivid color contrast in the space. In the overall design, there is no deliberate processing of independent cloakroom form, but to ensure the storage capacity of the cloakroom. At night, light a bedside lamp, warm and romantic feelings will slowly faint.

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The second bedroom selects a contrasting gray-scale jump color as the main color of the bedroom. A whiff of freedom in the air, stylish and friendly atmosphere is exactly what the owners like. In a unified and restrained gray tone, the Mediterranean blue wardrobe, securely and appropriately placed on the warm wood floor, is another flavor of calm charm.

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When adding a jazz blues to your home life, only quality and love can’t fail. The details of life, with the quiet peace of the blues. This is the inner richness of self-sufficiency. It is the first time for the company to be able to offer a new product.

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▲Floor plan

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▲Two floor plan

Project information
Project Name | Name: Ning Ya Zhi Lan
Project Address | Address:Xiamen – Xinjing Century City
Design Director | Designer: Gavie Wei, Wu Li
Project Area | Area:257㎡
Construction Team | Construction: Xiamen Zhuotang Decoration Design Co.
Soft Decoration Design | Designer:Pushe Soft Design
Space Photography | Photography:1988 Photo Workshop Archie
Video Filming | Video:Xiamen Chuanghejiayin Culture Media Co.
Main Materials | Material Science:
Xiamen Pushe soft furnishings, Shanya stairs, clumsy wood customization, Dongpeng tiles, Jinborui intelligent doors and windows, Bosch electrical appliances, Hitachi inverter central air conditioning, Sabin FEMA art paint, Hanyong comfortable home, Hong Kong Zhou’s door, Guangyu space lighting, Jiusheng flooring, Gold cabinet, Diben stone, Beethoven sanitary ware, Ming Men mute, intelligent systems

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