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Original Concrete Texture, Interpretation of Luxury Quality Space | Huanting Design

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Luxury at the highest level is not just a pile of materials.
Rather, it is a person’s inner spiritual pursuit.
Beyond the surface of matter.
understanding of real life.
Holding fast to the highest aesthetic.
The quest for the ultimate experience.
Elegant heaven, low-key luxury.

The project is located in the most prosperous business district of Futian District, Shenzhen, within the high-grade commercial office buildings; it aims to create a private paradise of low-key luxury for the high-end people – Huanting designers use the quiet surprising quality emitted by the high-grade gray, as well as the inherent low-key and elegance, starting from the point of conformity between freedom and space, to create a quiet space with restrained quality.

Space retains the original taste of the concrete texture, and with the rational approach and low saturation design, the entire space creates an exceptionally relaxed and pristine atmosphere, interpreting personality and elegant space experience. The light grey wool fabric, with a clear pattern and a thin but firm texture, is casual and elegant. It is like unpretentious concrete, calm and atmospheric without losing luxury.

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The living room with simple furniture lines, exquisite details of the accessories shows the designer’s delicate, from the large space corresponding to the proportion of the wall relationship to the small details of the sofa and the form of the lamp echo, showing the desire for quality of life.

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The restaurant design is simple and atmospheric, the designer through the simple smooth lines, warm and soft lighting, make the whole space both comfortable and fashionable. The blue-gray abstract painting decoration of the restaurant increases the taste of space.

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The calm wood exudes elegance, the solemn new Chinese armchairs have a low-key extravagance, the symmetrical antique shelves reveal the fashionable metal texture, a Zen charm triggers the space of imagination, but also brings people the current comfortable cozy enjoyment.

The design places special emphasis on the scale of the space and the harmony of color contrasts, as well as the smoothness of the dynamic lines to facilitate walking and movement. The taupe color gives the space a restrained texture, and the simple floor lamps and light strips in the aisles make the atmosphere gorgeous and functional.

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The foyer leads into the club space through the three-dimensional device of woven copper pipe, the same gray walls, this space has chosen a dark gray, increasing the sense of visual extension, breaking the monotony of gray, enriching the space level.

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The hallway is the space between the bedroom and the living room. In order to reduce the boring gray, we use the light and shadow of the floor lamp to create a calm and restrained space environment.

The calm and atmospheric gray tone, simple and rustic concrete walls and unique texture velvet sofa. It creates a quiet, elegant, comfortable and harmonious private space, interpreting a low-key luxury life experience. The gray velvet sofa is used in the home, with a soft feeling and warm style; straight lines are interspersed in the space, soft and elegant, giving a sense of rhythm and making the design three-dimensional and rich.

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The use of semi-indirect lighting makes the space comfortable and tranquil, and the use of straight lines of light to emphasize the walls and ceilings, so that the space level has changes.

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The simple white marble bar provides a relaxing moment for the occupants to enjoy a drink.

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The light gray tiles, taupe wall cloth, and the calm, primitive and modern concrete ceiling are used to change the depth of space and draw a concise line; the sofa and chairs made of velvet, under the backing of soft light, outline a stable, quiet, gentle and luxurious space atmosphere.

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The simple body, light and nimble, clear and open areas, like gauze, in the heavy space to bring a sense of breathing, so that space to live. Although the bathroom is the most private area, it is the most relaxing space. The bathrooms are equipped with beautiful vanity mirrors that make the visuals bright and spacious. A pair of creative metal wall hangings in the recesses of the walls, reflecting the light, make the bathroom space in a quiet and elegant but still dynamic. The uniquely shaped metal and glass chandelier on the washbasin is delicate and delicate, reflecting the designer’s pursuit of high quality of life from the details.

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The color of the design is light and elegant, and the lines are smooth and simple, full of emotion and fashionable life style. Instead of the traditional wardrobe, the wardrobe is composed of a chest of drawers, a tie box, and a trouser rack, all of which can be used to enjoy a quiet and elegant private space.

Focusing on the pursuit of quality details, the space is decorated with exquisite chandeliers, exaggerated art installations and other elements to add a refined and elegant atmosphere to the space.

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Through the control of materials, inventive folding out of the concept of morphological beauty, transferred to the space, asymmetric art installation in the living room plays a jumping note for the quiet space, while compatible with the internal quality and external elegance, seemingly random contemporary art embellishment, inadvertently overflowing with extraordinary taste.

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The dark wood grain cabinet at the bedside of the bedroom, the proportional division of the wall cloth hard package, with exquisite glass table lamp, the control of the design details is the ultimate, everywhere reveals the taste of sophistication.

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The hollow wall cabinet perfectly divides the wall, breaking the limitations of space; brushed gray mirror cabinet also brings a touch of rhythm for the atmosphere of plain and elegant.

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Personalized iron chandelier for the new Chinese charm of the tea room brings a low-key retro fashion atmosphere. The presence of senior gray, seemingly simple but not lacking in senior texture, graceful style, elegant heavenly, leading another kind of low-key luxury fashion. With a multi-dimensional creative perspective as the cornerstone, Huating insists on creating a beautiful concept, integrating interior soft furnishings and space aesthetics in advance, leading the new trend of soft furnishing art, and creating eternal classic works for customers.

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▲Planning layout

Project information
Project Name: Shenzhen Shenhua Industrial Building Clubhouse
Spatial design: HTD Roundabout Design
Design scope: space design, furnishing design
Project area: 1000m2
Design by Li Di Design team: Chen Pengyu, Wen Jiehui
Completion date: 2019
Photographer: Honmado


About HTD Design

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HTD was founded in 2014, formerly known as Huan Ting Home Design. Adhering to the design philosophy of “design creates beauty”, HTD is committed to providing professional and systematic interior design, furnishing design and artwork customization services for luxury hotels, top commercial spaces and high-end private residences.

The HTD design team consists of a group of creative and energetic young designers, who have helped many enterprises gain new space experiences. With a multi-dimensional creative perspective as the cornerstone, HTD integrates interior soft furnishings and space aesthetics resources in advance, leading the new trend of soft furnishings and art, and creating timeless classic works for clients.

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Li Di,Van Lee


Founded in 2014, HTD Huan Ting Design upholds the design philosophy of “Design to create a better life”, adheres to a multi-dimensional creative perspective as the cornerstone, combining humanities, environment, technology and the future for design thinking, and its design presents modern artistic characteristics, leading the new trend of life.

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