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Plaster Lines, It Should Be Designed Like This!

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Plaster lines, is a functional and aesthetic interior decoration materials. The existence in the form of lines has a strong expressive tension, and its inherent fire, moisture, thermal, acoustic and thermal insulation functions make it highly popular. The newly popular style whether minimalist or light luxury, everywhere you can see the figure of the plaster line, so how exactly should the plaster line design? This article analyzes the design of plaster line from the following angles.

  1. The type of plaster line
  2. The design form of plaster line
  3. Advantages and disadvantages of plaster line
  4. Construction points of plaster line



Types of plaster line

There are many kinds of plaster lines

The most common ones are gypsum corner line, gypsum flat line, gypsum corner flower and gypsum lamp panel

a. Gypsum corner line

Plaster corners or plaster roof corners are used alone in the ceiling and walls of the original building, mostly in American, European and rustic styles. Of course, there are many people think that all the decoration needs to do the top corner line, generally choose a simple shape of the line. If you choose some complex lines, rich patterns, you can also see the door cover, skirting also have lines echoing the shape.

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The role of the top corner line & common usage

  1. Practicality is to weaken the hard lines of the ceiling and walls, playing a buffer role.
  2. Can cover the building itself ceiling and wall corners are not straight, bumpy and undulating, hide the ugly.
  3. Of course some cables inconvenient slot, can be hidden in the slot behind the top corner line.
  4. Some people explain to the wall colored latex paint and white ceiling with a top corner line to facilitate construction, the hierarchy.
  5. The top corner line can be stacked and used to buffer the sense of congestion formed by the stacked level ceiling.
  6. In some cabinets along the top, curtain box will also be used (non-plaster material, MDF or solid wood).

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Many times the top corner line is not alone, will be used with the flat line, flower line, closing line and so on. In some complex ceiling or complex decoration style pour look very harmonious, because more lines do not exist. For example, some drop ceilings will use the flat line, and the combination of different specifications of the top corner line, yin corner line, yang corner line, half-round line superimposed. Yin corner line and corner line are generally not used alone, more in the superposition for the use of the closure, but also to increase the sense of three-dimensional hierarchy.

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b. Plaster flat line line

Flat line lines can be used in wall and ceiling lines of various shapes, can be determined according to the style, both simple and exquisite, and can be complicated and diverse. The main function is to play a decorative effect, to give the blank wall or top surface is rich in three-dimensional sense, enhance the artistic quality of space.

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c.Plaster corner flower

It is often used at the intersection of two vertically intersecting plaster lines, which is very delicate and extremely easy to create a sense of elegance and high class on the wall. It is dominated by European American style, rustic simple European style. For the patterned shape, many people think it is not easy to take care of, so the pursuit of simplicity of the user group mostly will not choose. Now more popular vintage style, try using this line to match, local use can effectively enhance the sense of design.

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d.Plaster light panel

In the design with the main light, most European and American style will be installed in the middle of the room plaster discs, purely decorative role. It will also install lamps directly here to enrich the decorative effect of the top surface and highlight the three-dimensional sense.

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The form of plaster line

Regarding the design of plaster lines in form, there are many design possibilities for the form located on the wall, mainly used in the shape of the backdrop. For living room backdrop or bedroom backdrop, the design of plaster line in form is mainly divided into the following categories. Of course, with the increasing creativity and imagination of designers, plaster lines can also be customized to become unique designs.

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The simple line shape is more suitable for a minimalist design style. The wall is then decorated with wall paintings, wall lamps or hanging TVs without looking out of place.

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The more complex line shape is generally not in the decoration of other accessories. Some shapes can be matched with a European style fireplace to highlight its sense of luxury.

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In general, the plaster line will be painted with the color of the wall to make the overall look more coordinated. In the choice of modeling, it can also be flat line, corner flower, corner line and other matching modeling, together to present the wall effect.

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Advantages and disadvantages of plaster line

a. Advantages of plaster line

(1) Cheap price. The cheapest of all kinds of lines, everyone can afford.

(2) Fashionable and versatile. The line is simple and bright, relatively versatile, whether with modern or light luxury, or even minimalist, can be outstanding.

(3) convenient construction. Bonding and splicing technology is not demanding, easy to complete, with few defects.

(4) Strong decorative effect. There are not only a variety of patterns, but also different patterns can be carved according to your own preferences. After the pattern of plaster line is polished, the surface is smooth and delicate, which can cause a particularly big impact on people’s vision.

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b. Disadvantages of plaster line

(1) the temperature difference of plaster will cause deformation and cracking, by water will mold, lasting will become dark.

(2) plaster line is heavy, fragile and broken, there are glass fibers inside, in the safety performance is relatively low.

(3) Over time, plaster lines are prone to moisture and yellowing.

(4) Plaster can produce fine fibers and dust, which can damage the respiratory system.

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Construction points of plaster lines

(1) Base treatment in place, only the grass-roots treatment is up to standard, is to ensure that the plaster line construction is up to standard important prerequisite.

How to be considered up to standard? First of all, the wall surface must be checked with a ruler after renovation, followed by the top surface of the wall has been scraped 2 times putty. Visual surface flatness without protruding or concave parts, only to do these to ensure the quality of the later plaster line construction in the early stage. More construction process and construction standards, poke here to learn more: the actual scene can not restore the effect? In the end, whose problem!

(2) Plaster line construction order: construction first from the front. Only do so to ensure that the front is less joint, and put less half of the part into the inconspicuous parts.

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(3) Construction to do fast sticky fast adjustment, while fixing and adjustment. After the adjustment in the shortest possible time to fill the place in place, to clean up the place in place, and then clean up with clean water to ensure that the decorative surface is clean and tidy.

(4) The corner and joint parts are the top priority of construction. The work done beautifully or not, from this point can be easily found. Usually plaster line joint parts must be scraped plaster, and then butt up, butt pay attention to whether the pattern is right, the height is consistent enough. The second is that the plaster line as a whole to a line can not suddenly into and out of the wall to follow. Low parts are required to use plaster pad to straighten. Finally, the use of clean water will be clean plaster line surface plaster, so as not to be unable to clean up later.

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(5) Plaster line repair, this point will need painters to complete. After the plaster line, painters repair the joint part of the plaster line again to achieve the joint part fade, so that it is difficult to find. Furthermore, the top surface of the wall is repaired to ensure that the width of the plaster line out of the wall parts are the same.

(6) Brush latex paint. Normal practice is to brush a primer, and then brush two coats of topcoat. When construction, you should supervise the workers. At present, many workers are only brush two coats of paint. The consistency of the paint should be in line with the construction instructions. If it is too thin, it will be easy to stay fall. If it is too thick, the paint surface fluidity is poor, and the surface is not flat.

(7) Wallpaper on the wall. When wallpaper construction, be sure to admonish the wallpaper workers to scrub clean the wallpaper glue on the doorset line of the plaster line. Otherwise, later on the latex paint will leave a dark mark affecting the decorative effect of latex paint.

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Finally, a chart to summarize today’s content.

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