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“Yearning for natural life is not laziness, let alone escape, but a retreat from the hustle and bustle of indicators to make life more exquisite.”

–Taikoku Kagami

In modern life, the pursuit of natural exquisite life has become a luxury. The exquisite life we understand is not only the apparent exquisite, but also the flow of natural connotation, the elegance of the spiritual world, a kind of mutual communication between the mind and nature.

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In order to realize people’s “heart’s desire”, Rongsheng Chengnan creates a contemporary exquisite life with humanistic and natural meanings, combining space and natural life, unifying the harmonious integration of interior, architecture and natural landscape, giving visitors the experience of changing spatial levels and constantly changing spatial perspectives.

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“Exquisite is the attitude of life

is an important element in the pursuit of style space”.

The lobby at the entrance opens with a marble backdrop, and the clear alabaster color gives people a steady visual feeling. The wooden elements at the bottom give it a sense of superimposed layers, outlining a more spacious and harmonious state.

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The square and orderly space with well-organized books expresses a sense of compactness. The distribution of staggered wall panels expresses a sense of sparseness, and the layout is clear and distinct, thus breaking the single pattern.

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After passing through the back wall, the luxurious and wide space of the sandbox opens up. The use of abstract line lights facilitates a magical dialogue between space and light and shadow. The lines of the hanging lights are of different heights, and the irregular shape shines on the sand table, leaving a staggered light and shadow, making the sensuality and interest meet.

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When you step into the vestibule, the intermittent undulating wall is like the flow of waves on the water surface, and a touch of green means nature, blending the natural temperature and refinement into the space together, becoming more vivid and time-sensitive.

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When nature meets the utopia of the soul, the elegance of space is interpreted again. The smooth architectural lines are exquisite but not ostentatious, simple but not casual.

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The sunlight can leap freely in the space and flow freely, building a pleasant urban buffer environment for the ever-changing city.

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Refinement is the natural flow

is the heartfelt interpretation of lifestyle”.

Exquisite life emphasizes taste and connotation, but it is not only the apparent exquisiteness, but also the flow of natural connotation, a serious and responsible attitude towards life, and a mature and rational understanding of life.

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Here, we can perceive time, space and life, and become a kind of perceptive existence. The simple and natural tea tasting space is a way to perceive life.

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It creates the slow life of the city and leaves an ideal resting place for the human mind. In a calm and restrained tone, the space portrays a delicate and independent spatial atmosphere, awakening the peace and calm in people’s hearts.

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Whether from the application of interior materials or interior decoration, the intention is to use the most rustic design language to set off the unique beauty of the natural environment. The scenes of “fading away and returning to the true nature” and “stealing half a day of leisure” emerge in front of our eyes, which can be used to describe the current state of mind.

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Fine life is not about piling up all the good things, but everything is just right. Focusing on a sense of elegance is also a state of still water. And good at finding balance in life, nourishing the soul and giving life a space to stretch, only then can we accumulate strength and go farther.

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▲ First floor plan

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▲Second floor plan


Project Name: Tangshan Rongsheng Jinxiu Qiancheng Sales Office

Project area: 1200㎡

Interior Design: Taigu Shigashang

Main Design: Wang Guanghui, Liu Xiaoyi, Ai Yizhong

Participating designers: Li Wenqiang, Su Lianghai, Xiao Wei

Completion date: 2021.04

Owner: Rongsheng Group

Photography: Green Wind Photography




Focusing on commercial real estate design

Taigorge Design was founded by Mr. Wang Guanghui. Since its establishment in 2010, Taigorge Design has been specializing in commercial real estate design. At present, it has established strategic cooperation with first-tier developers such as Sunac, Longhu, Jinke, COFCO, Sino-Ocean, Zhengrong, Beida Resources, Luneng and Zhengshang. With the partnership system, the company attracts more professional design and management talents, integrates space design, business planning, project management and other diversified fields, and is committed to providing commercial real estate design research and development and consulting services for brand developers, exploring more possibilities of contemporary design and business value.

“Empowering, creating value” is our pursuit and ultimate goal for space design. In our service fields of clubhouse/sales office, showroom and Grade A office, we always put the needs of people and space in the first place, and reconstruct the real needs of space for people through creative methods. We promote the inclusiveness and continuity of design, and always explore the rules and values of design with an accepting attitude and diversified creative thinking, and interpret the delicate balance between the possibility of space and commercial value with the most pioneering innovation and integration.

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