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No Living Room In A Small Two-Bedroom Apartment? This Design Will Not Settle!

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Small family design idea

As the saying goes, even if you can’t afford a big mansion, a small space can be very warm with a reasonable design. However, many small homes of 50 to 60 square meters are facing a problem. The two rooms are fully functional, but only the living room space is missing, but for the pursuit of rituals of young people, the living room is also very important!



The advanced grey two home

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This case is a 60m2 two-bedroom house, which lacks a separate living room space in the two-bedroom house type. The designer used a larger bedroom to transform it into a living room, making the overall layout more comfortable to use.

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▲Floor plan

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In order to create a peaceful and comfortable interior, the designer used different levels of gray tones to match, and used metals and grilles to enhance the sense of style in the space.

640 4 38

640 6 38

The orange tones, which naturally carry an aristocratic air, are used in the space with high grade gray, naturally forming a modern sense of not being clichéd.

640 8 38

640 5 38

640 7 38

640 9 38

A set of desks is placed at the balcony of the living room, and there should be a space for settling the mind in a small house.

640 10 36

640 13 35

640 12 35

Although the area of this case is only 60㎡, the design of double dining area makes it look like there is still some sense of mansion.

640 11 35

640 14 36

The standard dining room for four people and the open kitchen are co-located in one room. The gray and white color palette is pure and simple, and the floor is made of light gray terrazzo. A natural touch of simplicity.

640 15 34

640 16 34

640 18 33

640 17 33

There is also a relaxation area on the balcony of the kitchen, with a set of bar by the window, where you can drink and sip tea with friends with the width of the window sill.

640 19 28

The bedroom also continues to be simple, with the light source becoming the best accent in the space. The wall lamp above the bed, the glass chandelier on top, and the rounded spherical design make the space look vibrant.

640 21 27

640 22 24

640 20 27

The TV wall side is designed as a set of dressing table with a table plate and mirror, and the spherical sitting stool is very creative.

640 24 20

640 25 20

The walls and floors in the bathroom are tiled with terrazzo, and the design is very modern.

640 27 19

640 26 20

The floor-to-ceiling mirror in front of the sink gives the space a spacious and transparent visual effect. The cement gray sink is different from the depth of the previous basin, which looks very creative.

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640 29 15

640 39

The cabinet next to the toilet stores the washing machine and dryer, and the black door without handle is integrated with the wall, which is very simple.

640 29 15

640 30 14



Plain light three-person family

640 31 14

The 58㎡ two-room apartment is in an old building, so the layout is not ideal. The owner is a family of three, and the baby was just born, but they need their own space in the future, so the renovation is also urgent.

640 32 14

▲Floor plan

The designer made a drastic transformation of the original layout, transforming a two-bedroom apartment without a living room into a fully functional two-bedroom apartment.

640 34 12

640 35 12

In order to maintain the bright and light feeling of the space, the interior does not use elements with too dark a tone, with light gray as the base tone and orange as the accent. The warmth with a bright natural mood creates a healthy environment for children to grow up in.

640 37 8

Since the living room is small and has no light, the designer used several methods to make it more comfortable to live here. First, the master bedroom is separated by a glass door to bring sufficient light into the living room. Second, the door panel of the shoe cabinet is customized with mirror, which brings a sense of extension to the space and also has the function of a dressing mirror. Thirdly, the dining and kitchen area is opened to bring light to the entrance area by the light from the open kitchen.

640 36 9

640 33 14

640 39 8

The master bedroom uses iridescent glass with metal frame doors, and the closets are located on the left and right sides upon entry. The design of two closets resembles a simple checkroom and meets a large number of storage functions.

640 40 7

640 41 6

640 42 6

The wall area inside the master bedroom is left large and white, following a minimalist tone. A touch of avocado green on the bed adds a fresh and natural color.

640 43 5

640 44 5

A long table is placed in the window space, serving as a multi-functional office and dressing room.

640 46 5

640 47 5

The second bedroom is now used as a baby’s room. The designer designed a baby swing in the room, which is convenient for mom and dad to have an extra space to play with the baby when they take care of him, and can also free their hands properly.

640 45 5

640 50 5

The floor is paved with a large area of carpet, which is perfect for children who are learning to walk, and the light-colored space is not too much decorated, keeping the heart of a child and true.

640 49 5

640 48 5

640 51 5

The pillar next to the bookshelf is kept in its original concrete form, and a cat scratching board is installed for the family pet.

640 52 5

640 53 5

A small dining room was designed using the passage leading to the kitchen, which is perfect for two or three people to eat.

640 54 5

640 55 5

640 56 5

The bathroom continues the natural tone, with matte wall tiles and a simple and practical black iron-framed sink, leaving plenty of storage space.

640 57 4



Pure and fresh and minimalist small family

640 1 14

This is a small house in Belarus, with an area of 48 square meters. In a very old building, it was originally a two-bedroom house without a living room. The hallway takes up a lot of space and the bathroom is very small.

640 58 4

▲Floor plan

The designer Evgenii Kravchenko redesigned this old house for a young couple, dividing the master bedroom, which has more space, into two, making a division between the living room and the bedroom. The hallway was fully utilized through the creation of a part of the cabinetry.

640 2 6

The divided living room area is not very large, and a simple double sofa is placed to occupy half of the space. The other part is separated by a glass partition to increase the permeability. Curtains are hung on one side of the bedroom to ensure the privacy of the bedroom.

640 34

640 3 2

The main purpose of designing this living room is to have a space to sit with friends when they come over, so some movable furniture became an essential item. A space was made in the lower part of the TV cabinet to place the sofa pier in it.

640 7 2

640 4 2

Behind the partition door is the bedroom space. Due to the division of space, only a 1.8m double bed can be placed here, without any storage space. Different shaped lamps are left on each side of the bed for nighttime lighting.

640 5 2

640 6 2

The location of the entryway is intended to give a feeling of openness. The most taboo thing in the design of a small house is piling up, retaining the original look of the space and simplicity in order to be comfortable.

640 10 1

The corridor space is very long, a set of custom storage cabinets against the wall, basically bear the storage needs of the whole family, to meet the function of life, but also will be fully utilized corridor.

640 11 1

640 8 1

640 9 1

The second bedroom is now used as a study. The peacock blue and orange-brown velvet material creates a vintage feeling, and the original wood and white make the space lighter. In the future, the sofa can be moved and a bed can be placed to turn it into a children’s room.

640 12 1

640 16 1

640 13 1

The kitchen uses the most basic white as the base color, with different depths of the original wood color to match. The countertop and walls are made of black terrazzo on a white background, which is simple and fresh.

640 17 1

640 15 1

The wall on one side of the dining table was custom-made with siding to place several lattice shelves. A whole side of the hole board, convenient for daily storage, and the overall more beautiful.

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