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Morandi Tone, Interpretation Of Oriental Zen + Modern Aesthetics | YORO Yorong Design

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Oriental Zen Modern Aesthetics

This case takes the poetic landscape of Wanlv Lake as the design inspiration, and uses oriental zen and

The project is inspired by the poetic landscape of Wanlv Lake.

The man is a master florist and the woman is a jewelry designer.

They integrate the art they love into their lifestyle, and

They balance the expression of life and art.

Laughing about the green landscape, sitting and watching the clouds rise and fall.






The space is warm and moist in color.

with dynamic and quiet high grade gray,

calm emerald green, and

Metallic color with full texture

The green swaying and

The rippling lake scenery.

Landscape paintings are used to write the rhythm of the mountains and forests.

Laughing about the landscape, talking about the mountains and forests, enjoying a quiet place.

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The theme background is inspired by the stacked stones

and placed in the three-dimensional picture of space.

It extends the elements to the corner table on the side to form an echo,

and the crane embroidery on the pillow adds spirituality to the space.

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A stone is cleverly conceived to give aura to the space.

Taihu stone is the expression of nature’s art.

In the dimension of time, a thousand miles and a moment.

It is perceived by the viewer and conveys the art of thinking.

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The designer injected the shadow of the male master in the table setting.

The ring-shaped metal flower vessel wraps the flowering branches from nature

A beautiful artistic continuity is formed. The chandelier and the emerald green dining chairs

The emerald green dining chairs reflect the warmth and nobility of the two under the halo of light and shadow.

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The heart turns to my love, and the flow is endless.

The designer has written the Morandi color scheme into Oriental Zen.

A screen, a couple, a flower and a qin

exploring the tranquility of nature.

The beautiful vision of art is released.

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Surrounded by the original wood color vividly renders the leisurely scene of

Drunkenly lying in the stream and mountain, the fish out of the fine rain

Dancing in the water ballet, the hermit knows the joy of fish.

The simple and straightforward transmission of the leisurely flavor.

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The designer loaded the memories of the main character’s travels into the boat.

It adds a charm and coziness to the study space.

When the breeze blows, the boat rolls and swells with fragrance.

The flowering branches and beautiful shadows pave the boat with the star and the galaxy.

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Listen to the wind in the mountains, and climb the heights to please the eyes.

The green mountain does not change, the green water flows forever.

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The fragrance of flowers wielding ink and brush, writing Oriental Zen.

The branches and vines embrace the light and shadow that spills down.

The winding supremacy conveys the power of nature.

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The space renders the spring of ten thousand greens, with clear and beautiful colors.

The relaxation expresses a casual and comfortable style that

Create a relaxing journey for the soul.

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It is the touch of the ancient rhythm.

From the theme to the object.

From the theme to the objective lens, we capture the beauty with the interaction between humanity and nature.

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Project Name | Longyuan Nine Honor Lake Villa

Project Type | Villa Showroom

Location | Heyuan, Guangdong

Soft furnishing design | YORO design

Hard furnishing design | Poetic Space

Project Photography | Benmundo

Completion Date | September 2020


About YORO Design

YORO Design was established in mid-summer 2009 in Shenzhen Riverside. It is positioned as a full-cycle soft furnishing service provider for real estate and believes in “building a harmony of aesthetics and philosophy. Let the environment give people a positive impact” value, and it created the design methodology of “space art director”. With twelve years of persistence, YORO has become one of the first echelon of soft furnishings in China.

YORO’s service scope covers commercial space, residential space and art space. YORO owns material library, international home buyer brand “LOOKING” and ZAZN community aesthetic space chain, etc. YORO has excellent soft furnishing ecological resources and professional service capability in all categories of soft furnishing, and has served many Top 30 real estate enterprises and high-end private residence owners for years and delivered thousands of high-quality projects. projects.

YORO design has more than 20 senior creative soft furnishing designers, and professional procurement, delivery and project management team. It is the first to adopt TQC project total quality management system. The projects produced are highly recognized by clients and have won more than 100 awards and honors over the years.

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