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Moen Edwyn 87028SRS Kitchen Faucet: Reviews and Buying Guide

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Moen Edwyn 87028SRS Kitchen Faucet: Reviews and Buying Guide

moen edwyn 87807srs review

As one of the market-leading brand of faucet, Moen always provides a great selection of kitchen and bathroom faucets. Among them, Moen Edwyn 87028SRS kitchen faucet is a well selling faucet with good reputation around the world. So, why is it so popular and is it a good choice for your kitchen? Read this post and take a closer at this product.

Specifications of Moen Edwyn 87028SRS kitchen faucet

moen edwyn 87807srs specs

Main features of Moen Edwyn 87028SRS

Rebound System

Moen Edwyn 87028SRS kitchen faucet is a pull down faucet, so you may worry that stubborn wires will block your way when you wash or fill dishes. However, with Moen’s innovation, they added a reflection system to make the operation smoother and easier to move. It can be guaranteed that after you retract the nozzle, the nozzle will not be too messy.

Spray Mode

For traditional faucets, you can only use one type of spray, and you may want to know how many types of spray are good for you. How convenient it is to switch between spray and water when you are doing daily work in the kitchen. The water jet will fill up your pots and pans faster; the jet washing machine can meet all your washing needs. It has a larger coverage area and a softer water flow, so there is no need to damage the food during cleaning. In addition, you can use the handle to adjust the water temperature and pressure.

Powerful Flush

In addition to multiple spray types, Moen Edwyn 87028SRS kitchen faucet also uses MoensPower cleaning technology, which is designed to provide 50% more spray power than other pull-down models. Now you can remove stains or fill up pots and pans faster. This is an effective way to stay efficient in the kitchen.

Spot Resist

It is an important part to keep the kitchen faucet bright and clean. The key to keeping shiny faucet is to avoid invisible fingerprints and water stains. Moen equips it with an anti-spot stainless steel finish, which makes it naturally resistant to fingerprints and water stains.

FAQs of Moen Edwyn 87028SRS kitchen faucet

Does It Include a deck plate to cover the unused holes in the sink?

It does come with a deck plate. However, there’s no guarantee that it can cover all the unused holesbecause it varies depending on the distance and positionIs

The spray relatively soft or too high pressure?

The maximum flow rate of Moen 87028SRS Edwyn is at 1.5 GPM. Plus, it includes a power cleanoption that provides 50 percent more spray power when needed

Can the soap dispenser be installed on either side of the faucet?

The soap dispenser for the Moen Edwyn Faucet can be placed on either side of the unit. When youfully open the handle, it measures around 4-1/2″inches from the center of the faucet. Make sure youhave enough distance from the handle if you decide to place it on the right-hand side though.

Final thoughts on Moen Edwyn 87028SRS kitchen faucet

If you have enough space, Moens Edwyn is a good choice for a new faucet. With all its features, you will definitely be easier and faster in the kitchen. If you want to know its installation, this faucet is one of the easiest faucets to install. It can be installed in 1 to 4 hole configurations. You don’t have to worry that it doesn’t fit your previous faucet.

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