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 Lim Coffee


Suzhou Bay Sports Park

In the context of the integration of the Yangtze River Delta, life in the new cities of Suzhou has been divided into different areas along with the industrial layout. As the newest development area in Taihu New City, the trend is to upgrade the cultural diversity and infrastructure of the area. Suzhou Bay Sports Park is located in the core of Taihu Lake New Town – the East Taihu Lake Ecological Tourism Resort. The park has a sea of flowers, walking paths, ponds, courts and lush trees. It is a good place for tourism and vacation, outdoor leisure, sports and fitness. The Sports Park is strategically located with Taihu Lake to the west. It is connected to downtown Suzhou and Shanghai by elevated north side and Zhejiang by south side. It not only provides a comfortable place for the surrounding residents to communicate, but also attracts many visitors from neighboring cities. The project is located in the sports park, near the park tennis and basketball courts, surrounded by greenery, and serves as a leisure support for the park.


▼Aerial view of the building and the park

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 © Xu Yingda

▼Lim Coffee from the outside of the lawn

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 © Xu Yingda


Think about it from the perspective of a new city. The indispensable leisure facilities in the park are actually open to more possibilities and imagination. Most of the supporting buildings in the park that are closely related to the public are still in the stage of perfecting the basic functional needs. And its more possibilities for the future are also enhanced at this level. Such improvements express the tone, care, and attitude and positioning of development of the city where they are located.


▼Large floor-to-ceiling glass design with mirror surface reflecting the surrounding environment

640 3 70  © Xu Yingda


As designers, we wanted to create a creative building by Taihu Lake that could become a regional landmark for the park. We designed and built it in an easy way so that it can enhance the experience of the urban public space. It makes people feel relaxed and natural in the park, and allows the building to blend in with the environment as much as possible.


▼Lakeside mirror reflecting the sunset

640 5 70

 © Xu Yingda


▼The lake reflects the night view as night is approaching

640 4 72

 © Xu Yingda


The project was originally a wooden shear-wall structure supporting housing in the park. As the core of Taihu Lake New Town, the park hopes to give the surrounding residents and foreign visitors a leisure gathering point through the renovation of the original building. Whether it is after a sweaty workout or an afternoon stroll along the waterfront, it will be a place to relax, eat and gather. The design of the form is based on the structure of the original wooden building, and the interspersed blocks create a rich interior space. White perforated panels and large floor-to-ceiling glass are also used in the design, creating two different facades, one facing inward and one facing outward. One side faces Taihu Lake, and the reflection effect makes this modest building fully integrated into its surroundings. This allows the building to map the expression of people and the city. One side faces the court to form a courtyard, while establishing a close relationship with the park and the site.


▼Lim Café facade under clear skies

640 7 71

 © Xu Yingda


▼Lim Café facade under night view

640 6 70

 © Yingda Xu


▼The building on the road side – Lim Coffee

640 8 68

 © Xu Yingda


▼Lim Café exterior space

640 9 68

 © Xu Yingda


The courtyard walkway with circular ground and metal spherical sculpture serves as the simplest main entrance. Its simple and generous design is in line with the main theme of the LIM Coffee brand. While enjoying the delicious food, it is available for visitors to take a group photo. The large white perforated aluminum panels give a bright and relaxing feeling, leading visitors into the pavilion.


▼The courtyard entrance is designed with a guiding circular floor

640 10 69

 © Xu Yingda


▼The courtyard leisure space echoing the circular ground

640 12 67

 © Xu Yingda


▼Night view of the courtyard dominated by the circle

640 11 69

 © Yingda Xu


When the sun is shining, or when the sun is setting, the single-permeable mirror glass makes the main body of the building look like a pearl on the grass by the lake, reflecting the sky, clouds, flowers, and pedestrians, which has a unique charm. The people resting inside the building and the pedestrians flowing outside reflect each other in the painting. At night, when the house is lit up, it is a unique lakefront bar.


▼Exterior view of the lobby

640 13 67

 © Xu Yingda


The first floor of the building contains flexible and interesting open spaces, private rooms of different sizes, as well as supporting kitchen and bathroom logistics spaces. The second floor serves as a flexible layout to hold different private party events. In the lobby, the white wave-shaped ceiling, designed in combination with the original wooden beams, hangs playfully upside down from the ceiling. Against the sky and clouds outside the window, a painting within a painting is created. The light hits down from the hanging piece with simple elegance. This creates an artistic atmosphere. The comfortable furniture and carpet enhance the space. It appears casual without losing its sense of sophistication. Two or three pots of green plants placed naturally interestingly embellish this pure white space.


▼The comfortable lobby space on the first floor of Lim Coffee

640 14 67

 © Yang Nan


▼Enjoying the outside view at the same time

640 15 68

 © Yang Nan


▼The fusion style washbasin

640 17 67

 © lim cafe


▼Detail of the wave ceiling

640 16 66

 © lim cafe


“Architecture is frozen music, and music is flowing architecture.” Walking into the sunken music area, the white sculptural piano stands elegantly by the revolving staircase. The syllables slowly flowing out from the piano keys fill the space with pure colors. This attracts you to stop here. In addition, the appropriately scaled private rooms provide guests with private areas of excellent quality. The simple line lighting on the second floor outlines the sloping roof form that has been fully preserved. The large glass shows the beautiful scenery outside the window and enhances the quality of the space.


▼The lobby bar area is on the side of the revolving staircase

640 18 67

 © lim cafe


▼The elegant sunken music area to feel the music notes

640 19 66

 © lim cafe


▼Lim cafe’s quality second floor space

640 20 63

 © lim cafe


The outdoor courtyard area melts into the natural green scene, as if magical strokes falling on the scroll of the natural park, haloed and connected in dots. The round outer pendulum and bar echo the venue, presenting a picture of natural art that draws people to stop by. In the evening, the pearl-like lights decorate the dark night and light up the courtyard. Enjoying the night, people gather here and talk freely.


▼Lim Café from the perspective of the sea of flowers from a distant view

640 21 60

 © Xu Yingda



In this era of rapid development, architectural design always makes us rush into the high-class mansions to escape the hustle and bustle outside. As soon as the door is closed, we enter our own little world. As a medium, can the park attract people from their own space to meet, communicate and interact with the city? Although it cannot achieve the best demonstration of a park package based on the design of the original structure, we do not regret it. LIM Café hopes to create a park meeting point for the public with its elegant and atmospheric exterior design and interesting interior space layout. This enhances the interaction between people. Listen to each other and create more possibilities. It is hidden in a corner of the ecological sports park by the crystal clear water of Taihu Lake and the lush green trees and plants. Meet some friends and take a leisurely outing here. You can look at flowers, stroll, look at the lake and exercise here, which is really a joy on earth.


▼The winter exterior of Lim Coffee

640 22 59

 © Yang Nan

▼First floor plan

640 23 57

Second Floor Plan

640 24 54

▼Sectional Perspective

640 25 50

▼Side View of Axis

640 26 48

▼Model Photo

640 27 43

▼Model photo

640 29 41


Project Name: Suzhou Bay Sports Park Leisure Package Building, Lim Coffee

Designed by: Heisuke Design

Project Design & Completion Year: 2020; 2021

Design Team: Wang Yitong, Yang Nan, Lin Guijiadong, Xiao Xiangdong, Wang Enzhi

Structure/Plumbing Design: Shanghai Hentai Architectural Design & Consulting Co.

Soft furnishings design: Suzhou Fanwei Private Design & Consulting Co.

Project Address: Suzhou Bay Sports Park, Wujiang District, Suzhou

Building area: 600m2

Photography rights: Yingda Xu, Lim cafe, Nan Yang

Client: Lim cafe, Suzhou Wujiang City Investment Group

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