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“Mini Mansions”, No House is Too Small to Design!

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Mini mansion

There are no “small things” in design, even the smallest home deserves the best, and Konstantin and Julia created Bellas artes design to make small homes comfortable and beautiful. They insist that each project is unique and special, and that each homeowner’s preferences, habits and lifestyle are incorporated to create a “mini mansion” that suits them.



Grey Space

▲Floor plan

A small apartment in Moscow, 70 square meters in size, every detail of which is designed with the utmost care and attention to detail to reveal a unique personality and perfect comfort.

The simple sense of line fills the whole space, and through the clever combination of materials and blocks, the good proportion between the whole and the local, interpreting the beauty of the architectural art of space.

The contrast between colors and materials is properly processed to get better visual effects, without too much cumbersome and artificial decoration, the space states its own simple and unique temperament.

The master bedroom is transparent on three sides, and the living room also brings more light due to the transparency of the master bedroom.

The second bedroom, as a children’s room, is full of fun, slightly neutral colors give people a state of relaxation, gray plate and the texture of the wood is well integrated together, constituting the overall visual beauty.

The balcony is a resting space for the family, full of life, a simple lounge chair, a comfortable rug, the family sitting around here, laughter scenes floating in front of the eyes.

The love of life begins with well-organized household chores, and a separate storage and cleaning area ensures a neat and unified space.

The layout of the main bathroom just meets the owner’s desire for a bathtub, and the simple gray wall is too rigid.

The public bathroom retains the most basic function, and the simple design presents a comfortable use effect.



Refreshing small openings

This is the first time I’ve ever been to a house where I’ve had the opportunity to work with my family.

▲Floor Plan

This is a typical small open plan home. The designer adopts an open layout to avoid triviality as much as possible. The color is black and white gray with a little orange, which aims to create a fresh and comfortable space.

The entrance design is spacious, giving people a bright and open visual experience, the ground and the hall to distinguish, make the space more clear, a sense of division.

The living room is designed with light gray tone, using a combination of orange and wood color, and the top surface uses concrete texture, matching the fashion and personality of industrial style.

The rhombus pattern on the carpet brings a sense of dynamism and art. The combination of gray concrete and red brick decoration on the wall is rich and delicate, with a layered sense.

The kitchen design is very simple. The whole cabinet, without handle design, is concise and harmonious, and on the left side of the wall, there is also a black and white mosaic cabinet wall, which has a strong visual impact.

The designer of the bedroom is one of the highlights of the case, because in the light part, closed bedroom will lead to indoor dark, the designer used rainbow glass partition, can open or close design to meet the privacy, but also to ensure that the restaurant kitchen light.

The bedroom space is very limited, which can just accommodate a bed, and the wall recess is designed with shelves that can place some books and items.

The bathroom’s color palette echoes that of the entrance, and the long layout lined up the various functional areas for easier use.

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