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De-stylized, Harmonious Beauty in Small Spaces

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The following article comes from Design First, by Fa Ge.

▲Barinov Andrey

  Barinov Andrey from Russia, it is the small family design expert, his design is not constrained by style and color, seek the rationalization of the experience of living space. During the university, he also participated in the visual design and construction course. After graduation, he is committed to create individual design tags and originality, the design of the project to get the customer the consistent approval.



Apartment in Ukraine

Pure. Elegant.

The case is in Ukraine kharkov. It is a small apartment, 45 square meters Barinov Andrey using the minimalist design gimmick, white for fundamental key, with the original wood color collocation, to create elegant and perfection of indoor.

▲Floor plan



LOFT In Moscow

Omnipotent Variable

Barinov Andrey previously completed a LOFT apartment, only 25 square meters, by clever design, bring large space of both visual sense.

▲Floor plan

▲ Axonometric map

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