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Metal, Glass, Marble, To Create A Natural Japanese Style丨Esthetic Design

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Green the mallow in the garden,

Waiting for sunlight to dry the morning dew;

Bright spring diffuses virtue,

Adding fresh luster to all living things.

The sun and the spring cloth virtue, all things produce glory.

In order to ensure the uniformity of the ceiling, the living room is specially customized with extended air outlets.The overall color palette is mostly constructed in gray + white, with original wood-colored furniture and vibrant green plants. Green cushion bags are used for embellishment to create a fresh and natural overall atmosphere in the living room.

The corresponding entrance cabinet door and the partition behind the living room sofa are unified in white, while the embedded cabinets are made of wood-colored panels that echo the materials of the furniture, giving the space a sense of continuity and overall atmosphere.

The dining sideboard made by the window gives a variety of possibilities for the dining space, which can be used as a breakfast counter for quick breakfast on weekdays and a cup of coffee to look at the scenery outside the window during leisure time. On weekdays, it can be used as a breakfast table for quick breakfast, and on weekends, you can have a cup of coffee and look out the window. The rattan chandelier above the dining table blends perfectly into the space with its unique material and shape.

There are sour and sweet tastes in life.

The onset of hot weather.

Make a cool drink for your dear one.

The air seems to be cooler.

By dividing the space through the aisle, the space is full of space, which makes the space rich in layers. The corner storage cabinet is reserved for the man to put a favorite handicraft, no matter what time of the day, there is a childish heart.

The kitchen was remodeled with more modern cabinets. The kitchen was fitted with stainless steel door sets and long rainbow glass doors. The lower side refuses to install a track, which makes it easy to enter and exit the kitchen while avoiding cleaning the dirt that accumulates over time.

The master bedroom is embedded with stainless steel metal beneath a wide gray hard cover, reflecting a rational, calm atmosphere. The pure white three-dimensional cabinet doors in shades of gray + white make the space comfortable. The natural rattan bedside blends into this slightly rational atmosphere, adding a sense of natural and comfortable ambiance.

The rattan bedside small cabinet speaks of natural personality.

The wooden wall panel shows the rational accent.

The inlaid metal strips show the calm atmosphere.

Just like different me and different you.

Because of love, we tolerate each other and achieve each other.

The bathroom cabinet uses embedded faucet, which is simple and straightforward while reducing the sanitary corners of the bathroom cabinet.

The soft light under the bathroom cabinet conceals the designer’s carefulness.


Project Type |Private House

Location |Zaozhuang Linshan Apartment

Project area |150㎡

Design Agency | Esthetic Design

Design time丨May 2020


This is a case from the old house renovation. Because it is an old house renovation, we are more careful in house planning, adding more adequate storage space, solving the problem of no entryway cabinet, in the overall style is inclined to Japanese natural freshness, soft furnishings mostly in the form of log furniture, cushion bags, natural materials with metal, glass, marble, hoping to create a fresh and natural, comfortable and warm home atmosphere.

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