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The following article is from Design Debut , by Fage

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In the highest location of Taikoo Li, Chengdu

The young owner invited

us to create

a small Spanish restaurant – LA PICADA


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He has been working in Taikoo Li for four years before

Because the relative selection of stores is a little bit remote

So this time, he has secured

an excellent location


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The most important task for us

is how to amplify this advantage

We also actively suggest that we can make

afternoon tea and after-dinner time

to provide a space for full time operation


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After greatly integrating and balancing the architectural form of Taikoo Li

architectural form

we set back the façade as a whole

to create two folded forms of architecture

to create a richly layered street effect


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Because PICADA is a unique Spanish

cooking technique with many layers

we chose an electrolytic metal plate

as the main material of the whole

Its colorful qualities from all angles

to reflect the richness of the PICADA

richness and variety of flavors

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And in this young and fashionable

the most concentrated place

What is more necessary is to establish a scale relationship

The beautiful look at the street corner

Curiosity about the interesting light in the space

The intertwining of the view inside and outside the window

and the rhythm of materials that can be felt in the distance


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This series drove us to design

The relationship between the ceiling and the center island bar

The top and bottom are separated and echoed as a whole

The sofas around the perimeter

Through the strong color separation

to create a reasonable demand for scale and boundaries


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Or focus on the meal

or taking a break from the scenery

Or a tea time to talk and watch

The center of business and fashion

Enjoying the joy of youth


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Project Name: LA PICADA

Location: 2333 Taikoo Li, Chengdu, China

Design area: 170m2

Design time: March 2019

Opening date: October 2019


Furniture and lighting installation design: Under the tree when on

Furniture supply: Vandello Furniture

Lighting equipment supply: Ou Wei Lighting

Photographer: He Chuan


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