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Salt Scandinavian Style, The Ultimate Beauty Of Minimalism!

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Salt is a Nordic trend

When it comes to the Nordic wind, it’s all about the strong wooden tone, but the two new cases designed by Eos don’t follow the traditional color scheme, but a salt Nordic trend! Say goodbye to colorful furniture, using black, white, gray, light wood and other low-saturation neutral tones, in the visual formation of a more balanced, more pure visual effect.



To the pure land

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The three-room house of 138㎡ is just enough for a family of three to live. Just the right amount of sunlight spills through the balcony into the interior, singing the elegant duet of light and space.

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640 3 18

The light gray sofa forms a shallow contrast in the pure white space, and the interior without any decoration is a quiet corner in the noisy city.

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A large area of pure white blocks fill the whole room, and an understated, quiet quality emerges everywhere you look. White symbolizes nature, simplicity, freshness and style, which coincides with the homeowner’s expectation of a refreshing Scandinavian room.

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640 9 18

640 12 16

Eating is the most romantic practice in home life. The open dining area is set in front of the window, and the natural light accents make the whole space warm and exquisite.

640 13 16

The special texture of wood is calm and introverted, used in the bedroom so that people can get better sleeping conditions. The half-height wooden wainscoting is reflected in the space with pure white, creating a tranquil and beautiful picture.

640 10 17

640 14 16

The checkroom door integrated with the wall is well invisible, and the bamboo window below keeps the checkroom ventilated and breathable.

640 16 15

640 18 13

The light-permeable bamboo material is full of natural freshness. To understand bamboo weaving, poke here: What is bamboo weaving?

640 17 13

640 15 15

The two brothers grew up together, so they chose to live in the same room. The bunk bed is customized to meet all their needs, and the long desk by the window can accommodate two people studying at the same time.

640 21 9

640 20 9

The room that is temporarily unused is used as a study and storage, and will also become a bedroom when the children grow up and need their own separate space.



The contracted space

640 19 9

The floor plan of the 165㎡ flat house in Taiwan Province often has a large width and a less than ideal height.

640 22 9

640 23 8

In the living room, the designer made a slanting angle between the beam and the original top surface, so that the top can be extended upward. Because of the pursuit of a quiet study, a partition wall is still kept between the living room and the study.

640 25 8

640 27 8

640 26 8

The undulating shape makes the pure white of the TV wall a little more interesting, and the same pure white vertical blinds filter the light into the room, a fresh and pleasant sense of salt comes to the surface, and the relaxation and coziness of Scandinavia also appear in this moment. About the choice of blinds, poke here to learn: blinds, the right way to open the designer to play with light and shadow!

640 24 8

640 28 8

The entry and dining area is decorated with wood veneer from the wall to the top, without too much embellishment, keeping the space clean, warm and healing.

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640 33 5

640 32 5

640 34 5

640 29 6

The revolving door in the study can be opened or closed, ensuring transparency and privacy at the same time. 10cm floor plays a very important role in shaping the level, and is also full of ritual.

640 35 5

640 36 3

640 37 3

640 38 3

The desk by the window increases the light atmosphere and breathability of the space, and the custom-made open-frame bookcase makes the storage relaxed.

640 39 3

640 40 3

640 41 2

The minimalist appearance of the space is the occupant’s pursuit of a higher level of spiritual abundance, opening up a quiet place for the mind to float and release freedom in this downtown.

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