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Kitchen Faucet Left Handed

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This article is to teach people who are accustomed to using the left hand to do everything, how to install the normal right hand faucet into a left handed faucet , as long as you learn the method, you can convert the kitchen and bathroom water dragon into a faucet convenient for the left hand .
When installing, if it is a single-hole kitchen faucet, you can install the handle on the left, and then install the cold water pipe and hot water pipe in the normal way, and install it in reverse, for the two-handle, also cold water pipe The reverse of the hot water pipe is just to get used to the left-handed habit.

If you think that some products are more complicated and cannot be installed, wowowfaucet lists the following products that are easy for left-handed installation for left-handed reference:

left handed bathroom faucet 2 handlesThe method of installation as left-handed is relatively simple, just install the cold and hot water pipes in reverse.

left handed pull down kitchen faucet: The installation method of the left-handed faucet is very simple, install the reverse connection of the hot and cold water pipes, and turn the handle to the left.

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