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Is It Really That Hard To Choose A Bathroom Bathtub?

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A few days ago, the editor pushed the bathroom products in the more important basin and toilet purchase chapter, today we come around to watch a “heaviest” bathtub purchase skills.



The bathtubs are divided into skirtless and skirted according to the design, the design has heart-shaped, round, oval, rectangular, triangular and so on; according to the function, the bathtubs are divided into ordinary bathtubs, massage bathtubs and so on, the massage bathtubs include sitting bubble massage bathtubs, hydrotherapy massage bathtubs, hydrotherapy air massage bathtubs, pulse massage bathtubs and so on; according to the production materials, the bathtubs are divided into cast iron bathtubs, acrylic bathtubs, steel bathtubs, wooden bath tubs and so on.

The cast iron bathtub is the most high-grade, the acrylic and steel plate bathtub is the second. Ceramic bathtub also once unified the world, at that time, the bathtub was mostly rectangular, the difference was only in the size. The disadvantage of lack of variation made it eliminated, and now this kind of bathtub can’t meet the change of family type structure more and more. (According to different classifications, actually there are so many kinds, the editor was stunned himself when sorting out, weren’t they?)

Acrylic bathtub market share is larger, acrylic material surface for polypropionic acid methyl ester, the back using resin plaster plus glass fiber. Its advantages are, easy to shape; heat preservation performance is good; good gloss; light weight, easy to install; color change is rich.

Because of the above characteristics, acrylic bathtub cost cheaper. But relative to the ceramic, enamel surface, this material’s disadvantage is easy to hang dirty, water injection noise is larger, high temperature resistance is poor, not wear-resistant, the surface is easy to age discoloration. (This material should be the first choice of the market at present, after all, there are so many advantages!)

Cast iron bathtubs have a long service life, high grade, easy to clean, and good insulation due to the thick walls of the tank. Moreover, the luster of cast iron bathtub is good, and the service life is the longest among several kinds of bathtubs. Cast iron bathtub has better acid and alkali resistance and wear resistance than similar products, and its weight is also considerable, so it is difficult to transport and install.

Also because of many factors, the price of cast iron bathtub is much more expensive than acrylic and steel bathtub, the price is the most expensive. (This kind of not very common na! (The editor has been looking for pictures for a long time, so you’ll just have to read them)

Steel plate bathtub is made of steel plate of certain thickness, the surface is plated with enamel, it is not easy to hang dirty, good cleaning, not easy to fade, luster lasting, and easy to shape, cheap cost. But because the steel plate is thin, the firmness is not enough, the noise is big, the surface is easy to take off the porcelain, the heat preservation performance is not good, so some add the heat preservation layer.

Wooden barrel materials are Nanmu, cypress, oak, cedar, pine and so on. Nanmu bath barrels have the best overall performance, but rarely seen on the market. Pine, cedar barrels easy to damp, black, moldy, poor overall performance.

Wooden tubs have the advantages of insulation, environmental protection, small footprint, easy to clean, long life, easy to install, the disadvantage is that in the case of long-term dry, easy to crack, so if you do not use for a long time, to put some water in the barrel. (I’ve seen a few of these little ones, but several times they’ve been on TV.)

Jacuzzis can use recycled water for hydro-massage, but they require the use of electricity as an energy source. In addition to being more expensive, Jacuzzi bathtubs not only require a larger bathroom, but also have high requirements for water pressure, electricity and installation. The pulse massage bathtub has the signal generator which simulates the human body spectrum, the signal it sends out is very similar with the human body spectrum, produces the resonance phenomenon, plays the role of the meridian revitalization.

In addition to the massage function, some bathtubs also install the computer board, can install the telephone, the CD player and the radio, also have the bathtub can by the computer control automatic cut off, the water.


How to choose

In the selection of the bathtub, according to their own bathroom size, pattern to choose, no matter how much like a bathtub, but the bathroom can’t put, that also can’t help na. Of course choose bathtub also have some small skill, slowly down to see.

① Compare the thickness. You can tap the bathtub to judge its thickness.

② Listen to the sound. When you buy the massage bathtub, you should also pay attention to the sound size of the motor. When buying high-grade bathtub, it is best to “test the water”, listen to the sound, try the temperature.

③See the glossiness. By looking at the surface gloss to understand the material advantages and disadvantages, suitable for any kind of material bathtub.

④ Touch the smoothness of the surface. Apply to steel plate and cast iron bathtub, because these two bathtubs need to be plated with enamel, if the plating process is not good, there will be fine ripples.

⑤Press and step on the bathtub to test the firmness. The firmness of the bathtub is related to the quality and thickness of the material, visual inspection is not visible, need to try it yourself, such as standing in, whether there is sinking feeling.

⑥Choose the bathtub that has passed 3C certification. If you choose a wooden bathtub, you should check whether the surface of the tub has a cracking phenomenon, whether the elasticity of the metal hoop is moderate, whether the scar is a live knot or a dead knot and so on (the dead knot is easy to lead to leakage).

Of course, the editor wants a special friendly reminder: no matter what kind of bathtub you choose, before you pay for it, you should carefully check the inside and outside of the bathtub for any wrinkles, hairy edges, notches and cracks, although the work of repairing the fine seams or surface coating is relatively simple, but serious defects and cracks are absolutely hopeless. (Be sure to check carefully! Double check! Double check! (Important thing to say three times!!!)

In addition, if you want to add a shower on top of the bathtub, the position of the shower must be flat, and the place of the foot is also the best neat square, so that the movement of the shower can be more convenient, from the point of view of safety, it is best to choose the bathtub surface after non-slip treatment.

If the economic condition allows, we must choose the brand of sanitary ware with perfect service. The sanitary ware are big ceramic or glass products, bulky and fragile, only the manufacturer’s professional logistics delivery can reduce the risk.

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